Still no priminister...!!!

hahaha…ohhh only in this country can we even fcuk up voting:D…

god i love being british:)…


Technically its still Gordon Brown if its a hung parliament isn’t it?

Yep, but I think he can be forced to resign if theres a vote of no confidence in him.

I think he’ll try and hang on in there as long as possible.

Isn’t that what Ted Heath did when this last happened in '74 He lost but it was a Hung Parliament then and thats when we saw the shocking disruption on the rubbish being left on the streets for weeks on end. A hung parliament is definately not what this country needs and Mr Brown should do the honourable thing and stand down and admit defeat to Mr Cameron.

What? Coalition governments are far from uncommon. It’s mostly just that in the UK we’re used to very decisive election nights.

And then five years of doing nothing on the manifesto.

Nice to see gay Lord Mandelson already hatching some Machiavellian plot to keep himself in power and influence.

Some things never change.

I still can’t believe this country doesnt have a PR system. We potentially could have a conservative government with 36% of the popular vote or a labour government with 29%

so a government where 2/3 rds of the people havent voted for you…great!

conservative 36.2% 288 seats under PR 235

labour 29% 241 seats under pr 189

Lib Dem 23% 51 seats under pr 150

Off course, coalition governements are very common abroad, and they work well. It gets away from those 2 main party elections as their is a good chance a smaller party gets into governement. So a vote for a small party is not a wasted vote as much as it is here.
With that, a lot of countries require a 2/3rd majority governement, which means even if a party has 50% of the votes they still can’t go it alone.

That all makes sense to me.

The result so far is depressing though, the only positive thing is that it seems that karma even works in politics:

Haha, a Polish made aircraft, I can imagine the Daily Mail and Scunm journalists entertainers are dreaming up conspiracies as we speak.

so since its a hung parliament does this mean we can hung some politicians??? :smiley:

I generally like the idea of politicians having to work hard at coming up with decent policies that have support from other parties rather than what’s been happening for years, which is - they campaign for a month before an election, promise us all sorts of things and then do whatever they want because they know that they can push through any bill they want as they have overall majority.

Sounds like they’ll have to work for living from now…

Ironically, I think Cameron’s mood probably reflects the poster that I saw of him the other day …


… Just for the record, I’m not a Conservative supporter, but I did find this amusing.

Germany do well on it. They keep their economy on a good level and haven’t been effected by the recession because they keep their businesses internally rather than out source to other Countries and export more than they import. Maybe we should learn from this.


lots of fun to be had

Lib Dems meet tomorrow, Saturday to discuss approaching/working with Conservatives. HA HA HA

Prevailing opinion is that they won’t reach an agreement.

Expect the answer to this question Sunday evening, Monday morning… Brown to the rescue when it all goes wrong… SCARY thought… but hey like Smiled said, we can F**k up anything, even X’s in boxes…

At leaast we didn’t have a rigged vote a la George Bush.

British Medicroty Party OK :smiley:

First: Nail colours to the mast. I’m a Socialist so no fan of anything currently on offer in Westminster, and certainly not New “Labour”, so in some respects, I don’t give a monkey’s cuss which party (ies) gains power.

But it is an interesting situation this time around.

I’m not a betting man either but if I was, I’d stick a fiver on a Coservative/LibDem “alliance”, but that needs the LibDem great and …er…them to peruade 2/3rds of the LD MP’s and 2/3rds of the party executive to go that route.

Going to be some hard bargaining this weekend for the LD’s

The first decent ellection in years.

mmmm… Brown to the rescue when it all goes wrong… when under his watch as treasurer he exhibited qualities of financial management that would have failed a primary school maths test…:wink:

Well at least the lib dem / tory coalition haven’t got the blood of a few million civilans and an illegal war on their hands (as yet):rolleyes:

I reckon we need an alternative…how about the Jetstreams for PM…am sure they can save the day and step in :smiley:

What’s funny about this is that we will now end up with a government that no-one actually voted for! I don’t remember seeing a “coalition” option on my ballot paper :hehe:

with ya m8, utter boll0x, cons won so they should be there, like it or not.

yeah but they didn’t win.

This is like having a 100 metres race and after 90 metres all the runners stopped…none of them won the 100 metres race, one of them might have been in the lead, but none of them won the race.

I hope the Lib Dems force proportional representation…accept it or hold another Election.

That should be Nick Clegg’s line.

In another general election the Lib Dems can for the first time ever, stand up and say…we matter, go out and vote for us, it is no longer a wasted vote, since we KNOW already that no side is going to win…vote for us now to make a change.

However, like all politicians Nick Clegg is a major c*** and only cares about his own personal power, he sold the Lib Dems down the river after becoming leader and what did it gain him? He lost 6 seats, so **** him and **** his party too.