St George Rideout Saturday 23rd April

yeah but his slow!! that b-king struggles with his weight let alone both of ours!! have you not seen his santa pod times??? they had to replace the batteries in the time board halfway through his run!:smiley:

Hahaha I heard they had time to resurface the track infront of him…

We will be there!

also any help needed, just ask;)

errrr think he’s STILL there :D:D:D:D

would love to join you on this one flats :slight_smile:

I’d like to join you…


count me in!

I should be home for Easter, so assuming I can get my bike started, I shall be on the rideout too.

We (myself and Hoon) will be there :slight_smile:

Id love to come along for this, have one issue though. I can only get about 60miles out of a tank of fuel so will be needing regular fuel stops. Aslong as there is a few garages on the route that’ll suit me cause i can stop and catch up, not that i ride that fast though :wink:

Oh and please tell me the roads are twisty, although i’ll be there either way… well thats aslong as there is enough garages along the way :hehe:

Yes you’ll enjoy the route (if it’s roughly the same one Puppy took us on last year). We can always ensure you get home twistily too. Edit: Just check with Flatout, having re-read this, can’t remember how far apart the petrol stations are:w00t::w00t:

Can always rely on you guys to guide me in the right direction ;):DI will most likely come down from Melton for this one and then possibly stay down and do another rideout on the Sunday wether it be the BCR or sumat else. Gota make the most of my time :cool:

Ah you be the other tarder then, or you on the trail tyres?

whys that adam .so you set the crate a light when it brakes down,:smiley: wast of petrol mate:P

i’ll have the SM wheels back on it later this week:)

i’ll use loads of fuel waiting for you to catch up!:smiley: see i could leave the bike running whilst waiting at the side of the road, or switch it off every time!

Don’t switch it off…

You’ll never get it started again…


right thats it!! i’m bringing the van!! still be faster than tug!:smiley:

il have to check my work schedule closer to the time.. but im game :wink:

let me check shift pattern for april but hopfully should be there