St George Rideout Saturday 23rd April

Please Read all the info!

Ok So you all know by now about the tragic passing of oneour most popular members Puppy, Back in 2006 the first St George Ride was organised by PM between me Guy and a chap called Neil, none of us had actually met until the day of the ride it was a fantastic day and although Neil left the forum shortly after Guy and me made some cast Iron friendships Including Smiled who I also met that day.

So it feels fitting that shane and myself are going to dedicate this rideout to Guys memory as it was his route and knowledge that took us round this fantastic route.

So the ride will leave the Ace cafe on the Saturday morning at 9.30am April23rdand will head off to Aylesbury where there will be a 2nd meet point for anyone that will find it easier to meet there than headto the Ace,and this will also be the 1st regroup. The ride will go through some fantastic british countryside and will stop at the White Horse on Dragon Hill where Legend has it that St George slayed the Dragon, we will then zigzag back across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire & Berkshire and end up back at the Acelate Saturday afternoon. Theride will be lead by both Shane and myself and the Cornerman will be in place throughout the whole day and must be obeyed at all times!! Tugg & Adam H will be both sharing Tail gunner Duties. INFO MEET & 1ST REGROUP

Arrow Marks the 2nd Meet point and the 1st regroup.

This will be a ride of close to 200 miles so be prepaired to be out for the day. Me and Shane have decided to have this open to all riders as Guy seemed to have a friend in everyone on here so the 125s are welcome we only ask you are confident to use all the machine and not to restrict yourself to 40mph if you are too slow you will hold everyone up and while I am on this subject if you are on cornerman duties be aware you may have to wait just that little longer. Shame did mention to me that we will try and keep all the 125s together and have a rider chaperone them throughout the day.

There are no Dual carrigeways or motorways to deal with and most of it will be open countryside. There will be regular regroups so dont worry about being left behind, this isn’t a race we want this to be a safe fun day for all and we are expecting a large attendance so ultimate safety must be a priority.

Please have a full tank when we leaving the Ace the first fuel stop is some way into the ride, and if you want breakfast turn up with time to have it! we will leave 9.30 prompt.

We will probablyhave a collection for the LAA and maybe for Guys family but I will let Kev organise the latter if that is the case.

Please put your name in the thread so we can have a rough Idea of attendees

Hope to see you on the day for a fantastic ride as a nod to a fantastic chap who I’m sure will be riding with us…

Any questions drop me or Smiled a PM.

Those that are comming:

  1. Flats

  2. Smiled

  3. MacP

  4. CheekyChick + 1

  5. Rosso

  6. JetStream

  7. Ricky

  8. Captain Slow

  9. 558 + 1

  10. Kaos

  11. Zander

  12. WeeFrenchie

  13. Major

  14. Ang

  15. Rioting Rob

  16. J.C.

  17. Big Vern

  18. Adam H

  19. Busa55

  20. steveCBR11XX

  21. Serrisan

  22. timbandit

  23. bluelagos

  24. NatureGirl

  25. Hoon

  26. ASBO

  27. frogga

  28. Danno

  29. Elad

  30. Kevsta + Puppy’s Girl

  31. Mandy (Puppy’s sister)

  32. Gem

  33. SJ

  34. blackbirdxx

  35. Martin + Guy’s Dad

  36. Jimbo 1

  37. Brianthedock

  38. westie1050

  39. Alex Gold + Cindy

  40. Pimlico Pilot

  41. Wolverine

  42. Hanna

  43. Kato

  44. Munky

  45. tug 1340

  46. <A id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl35_smAuthorName class=SmlBoldLinks href=“” onmouseout=“window.status=‘’;return true;” onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;”>Terry-Moto

  47. TDJ

  48. Jay

(thanks for the list zander…smiled)


I will be there!

I will be there

Dont mind helping with the 125’s as well

I’ll be there, with a pillion :slight_smile:

looking forward to this ride.

im in …

And available to help in any way …

We will also be there, and echo what Tim says, let us know if we can help with anything.

I’m in.

I Be Up For This Aswel

yes from me

I will be there.

Count me in please

I will be there too and will help in any way I can

i’m in

Unfortunately I will miss this as I will be in Portugal, Ang will be there. :slight_smile:

I’m in.:slight_smile:

I’ll be there also.

I will be there.

i’m gonna need a gerry can strapped to my back:D

Tugs got a rope?