Sponsor Sammo or be a rotten egg

As not every member reads the racing section I’d just like to bring this thread to the notice of the masses.


Sammo needs LB’s help to raise his R6 from the ashes.

Good Luck Sammo:)

will do on payday - promise x

You can go and stand with the good eggs then;)

I dont mind helping out! I was there and it was a mighty inferno. will post some pictures later.:w00t:

moonwalking towards the good eggs

did this yesterday.

not that i’m vain or anything but it’s a small price to help another LBer and hey if i just so happen to get my name on the bike then so be it…


I’ll donate…Next week.

Come on folks, for the price of a good night out, you can help a talented young racer AND have your name on a bike in the BSB paddock.

Thanks to all those who have donated.

A good night out for a tenner?:w00t:This boy knows how to show 'em a good time;):D:D:D

i want to go where YOU go? :D…or maybe not :unsure:

He goes all chavster at maccy d’s…a doddle for a tenner lmfao :)can I move to the good eggs uncle away from the weirdos ? oh and I promise to change me plate :smiley:

Errmm… You go and stand with the Good Weirdos;):smiley:

ChunkyMonkey (18/06/2008)

I take my lass for a happy meal. She gets to choose her own toy and EVERYTHING!You wouldn’t believe what a young Spanish gurl will do for a crazy straw! :wink: (And due to my £200 pledge she’ll be missing out till the winter. :crying: )

Hehe… My missus doesn’t know where this weeks housekeeping has gone yet;):smiley:

heres a pic of the mess sammo made from where i stood! She went up quick i can tell ya that much :w00t:



Crazy scene man! I saw the smoke from pit lane but never for a second thought it was Sam’s bike until he used one of the marshals phones to tell us it was him.

I couldn’t bring myself to take any pics of it when it came back in the truck but it did look a bit better when we jet washed it later.

Thanks again everyone for their donation:)

Mad thing is a friend of mine got taken out the corner before sammo! He was coming off the gas because of sammos crash and someone wiped him out. It was his first ever time racing, second lap of qualifying and he broke two knuckles and his wrist. He was the yong lad on the Red R6. so it was quite an eventfull lap :w00t:

I suppose someones gotta look after Afro n chenster in the special corner, toddles off>>>>>>>>>ok you 2 ? :slight_smile:

yeah for sure, the more the merrier as long as i get my name in glod leaf i’m happy…:wink:

is glod leaf a pikey version of GOLD leaf ? ;):stuck_out_tongue: