Sponsor Sammo or be a rotten egg

You would know Uncle:P With ya pikey Lidl Pinlock and ya Netto Tyres:P:D

Buying Sammo’s part worns and giving a little to the kitty tonight :slight_smile:

Very good bargin if anyone wants some part-worn racetecs…have a word with sammo

Sammo’s not alone


Done :smiley:

So sorry to hear about this hun, and really glad you came out of it unscathed.

Best of luck with the rebuild, and hope to see you back on track very soon.

so Sammo.

can i choose WHERE my name goes?


Afro (19/06/2008)

Sammo’s not alonehttp://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic383780-43-1.aspx[/quote]Is there a fault with R6 tanks then? Wasn’t it an R6 or R1 that was in flames at Donington BSB round??

its got a pretty angular exposed tank - some talk previously of this causing it to split/wear a hole easier rather than just dent

It does seem to be happening quite a lot on track doesn’t it? Are they plastic tanks like the FZR’s JB?

Blimey this is getting everywhere!

Anyway thanks again to all that have helped me out with this nightmare its really lifted me to find out people are willing to help out.

As for can you choose where you have your name…well the plan was to attack the seat unit with names. Theres a few places i could put them though, front mudguard tank being the other likely ones. The fairing is pretty much taken up really with a number board and other sponsors that have helped me out from before e.g BN Race Science.

I could probably sort a tattoo out with you name on it if you want to add a few more 000’s on the £10.00 before the . to!

Chunks - The tank is metal mate - monkey metal!

Oi! Don’t Diss Monkey metal :stuck_out_tongue:

does that count for Sudanese £’s as well??

Payment sent Sammo

All the best mate!

Thanks mate!I best get onto my stickerman!

Bumpety Bump:cool:

And Bump:D

Thanks Chonkmeister:cool:

Again can I remind anyone that contributes to Sammo’s R6 fund will be entered into the drawer for passes at each round of the BSB and also a suspension set up from myself;):slight_smile:

and I think an amusing sticker (perhaps of a fire extinguisher or perhaps a copy of a Fire Exit sign etc) could be incorporated onto the 'ped hehe.