Speeding fine calculator

The minimum speeding fine is £100 and three penalty points on your licence or you could be offered a speed awareness course. For more serious offences, you could be fined up to 175% of your weekly income. Check out how much that could be here https://www.confused.com/car-insurance/speeding-fine-calculator

Oh I didn’t realised they had brought that in…?

Blimey that time I got done for 52 in a 30 (silly I know) would have been much more costly!!

I still don’t know how I got away with just an fpn…

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Me neither… I picked up a FPN for 50+ in a 30 and the policeman said I’ll do you a favour and call it 49 and there was me thinking a favour would have been a caution. On the other hand I also had a FPN without favour for 32 in 30, apparently it was a crack down on poor driving in the vicinity of a school.

So same fine for doing 101 as 51 in a 30 zone.

So if you’re going to speed, at least do it properly :joy: :joy:


So we now need pinpoint accurate speedos. That were watching like hawks while bouncing over speed humps.

No more 10%+2 then…

The 10% plus 2 thing is just a recommendation of the Association of Chief Police Officers, the recommendation has never been set in stone nor is it the Law, as far as I know it still applies. However, ignore the posted speed limit at your own risk, there have been circumstances when 30 means 30 as I found out some years ago with my FPN for doing 32 in a 30 on the tree lined Bloomfield Road in Maida Vale.


I’ve always wondered how this works for say NHS workers, ie me :innocent:

I have my base wage, then get certain uplifts based on unsocial hours etc

Is it just on my base wage, where do they get your information from? P60

If it’s payslip just go under the limit all the time if you’ve had a busy month…

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The trick is to earn £200k a year & behave yourself on the motorway, that way you never pay more than 25% :upside_down_face:

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The calculation is based on your annual income.

My only ever fine for spèeding (in the UK) was in 2001.

I was knicked at 99 on an empty motorway at midnight. Filled in the form on salaries and got 5 points and £435 fine.

Princess Anne was in court same week, for doing 97. She got 3 points and a lower fine.

I think the level of fine also relates to whether the judge likes you, or not. :frowning:


I think that goes without saying for any penalty the courts hand down.

Can you imagine though CEOs like Larry Ellison getting caught speeding? I bet you they claim a $1 salary, even though total compensation in a year of over $70m…

Although I suspect they don’t drive anywhere, they fly or get driven

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I’m surprised the fine and points weren’t higher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m going on a trip to Devon and Cornwall soon, have a budget of £150, how fast can I go?


With that budget you can’t afford to go 1mph over 70 if you earn more than £15,500

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Jeez!! I hope I don’t get pulled up lol

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This country is no fun!

The objective is not to get caught.


I like a challenge. Prefer not to have my liberty at stake though!

I got a fine when biking in South Africa,£12.50. Fookin ridiculous.