Speed cameras

Say you were caught going past one of these new cameras that are about 40ft in the air, somewhere like Knightsbridge late at night for example… and if the front wheel just happened to be about 2 ft off the ground at the same time, could you be done for more than just speeding ?

Hypothetical question of course. :Whistling:

If you just so happened to be passing a speed camera whilst your front wheel was in the air then wouldn’t your number plate be facing downwards therefore not visible to the speed camera?

Good point! That would be a right result. :smiley:

hypothetically I think you should be worried…

theoretically the flash may have made you jump and pulled the throttle lifting the front wheel

that probably was the case.
they’ll be ok in court with that one.


blimey is that humour i detect


[email protected] chenna:D;)

oops, tom, i would be worried, if it was at night you would have seen the flash tho…

Oh I definitely saw the flash. Both of them.

What ever the case make sure you get a copy of the photo to post on here, it’ll be a cracker! :smiley:

Don’t forget Pouty, it was only hypothetical so there probably isn’t a pic::wink:

I think hypotheticaly tom is gonna be someones bitch in the scrubs :smiley:

We can send a hypothtical file in a battenberg to help him burrow out

Sorry yes Hypothetically it’d be a bloody cracking photo! if it comes out, sorry ever were to come out, Hypothetically of course…

dude, give it two weeks, dont think about it til then, sorry to say tho chances are you got snapped. :frowning:

14 working days isn’t it ? Ah well, I’ve had a good run without points.

yup sure is tho some say 17, to allow for late post?

thats teh spirit man, you got caught, oh well, not alot you can do just see what happens, hopefully they wont mention the front wheel.

a little while ago a mate of mine got a fine through fr offsdeing a traffic island in islington, on the pic you can clearly see me doing the exact same thing as i was behind her, i never did get a fine or letter…:smiley:



true you may be golden bals and nothing will come through, next time…12 o’clock it, propery hide teh plate:D:w00t:

a hypothetical situation will obviously have no bearing on his pointless license…