Speed cameras in Limehouse link tunnel

Got flashed by the third of the three cameras in there on Thursday afternoon. How stupid do I feel?

My backside is black and blue from me kicking myself.

I reckon I was doing 38 in the 30. How long will it be before the ticket turns up? Within a couple of weeks or so?

Grrrrr - bang goes my clean licence after 29 years and just one week before I sit Mod 2. I’ve re-run insurance quotes based on an SP30 conviction and they haven’t gone up so maybe it won’t be so bad.

If I could just relive those five seconds of my life, I’d do it so differently.

Well, I can’t speak for 100% of the time, but I didn’t get one when I went through there at 50ish…

Did the camera flash?

I got flashed twice in the limehouse tunnel and once on the north bank. Only one ticket ever turned up, and it was after about 2 weeks i think. Now I stick to 30 in those tunnels…

I was doing 36… I chose to attend the speed awareness class instead of getting points! I heard that insurance doesnt usually care if its only like 3 poinds but more might be an issue.

Someone at work mentioned the option of the speed awareness class. Do they offer that to everyone? I’d certainly prefer to go for that than have points.

As you can tell, I’m preparing myself for getting the ticket even though some folk have been flashed but not had one.

I’m in a “glass-half-empty” frame of mind on this one :frowning:

You might be lucky :stuck_out_tongue: I think for your first flash, you get the option, 60 quid + 3 poinds or class for £100. Especially when you were doing ‘only’ 38 on 30.

After 2 weeks (give or take), if you don’t get a ticket, I think it’s safe to say that you escaped that one :slight_smile:

Thanks blu. Just checked here: http://www.lscp.org.uk/driver-workshops.html and it talks about the speed awareness scheme being offered to those at the “lower end of speeding offences”.

I doubt if 38/30 will qualify but hey, stranger things have happened.

i got a course for doing 48 in a 40 first offence in 8 years :w00t: i been a very lucky boy an know how to platy the attitude game but that doesn’t work with camera’s …lol upshot was about 150 quid an a trip to dartford for abit of classroom an two drives with some advanced dude why i donjt know as i was riding when i got done.

im pretty sure i got done at 38 in those same dark tunnels. im still wearing my points for another year or so… lady luck be with you…

I got flashed twice in limehouse link, not received a ticket for either of them…:w00t:

Ive been flashed 4 times, tickets twice, really annoying considering I ride through there every day! Distractions, distractions. Ticket has to arrive within 15 days otherwise it is not enforceable.

I’m not sure I get this. From the replies here, it seems arbitrary as to whether or not a ticket is issued after someone’s been flashed.

How can that be? If you’re going fast enough to trigger a camera, by definition you’ve broken the law therefore should receive a penalty notice, no?

There can’t be different “kinds” of flashes for different speeds so who or what decides whether or not a notice is issued?

Sorry if I’m missing something really obvious:unsure:


the scamera might be outta film. God help us all if they’re hardwired in :w00t:

If that day ever came it may be time to risk using http://www.speedflip.com/

Can’t be film in the case of the Limehouse cameras. They’re digital.

No they are not, they are film definitely

Average speed cameras? Digital from entrance to exit IN the Limehouse Link :wink:

Definitely digital, according to the London Safety Camera Partnership website: http://www.lscp.org.uk/cameras1.php?cameraID=706