Speed awareness course.

Three free coffees, two cigarettes and two visits to the loo made four hours seem to fly by at the speed of light.

Scary how little some people know about anything:w00t:

And i bet you soon sped off afterwards too :w00t:

No, he was collected in a car by a very sensible lady driver and an Alsatian! (no bike still til Thursday:crying:) BUT we’re getting the replacement BBII : As BBI met her match in a Ford Escort with only forward gears!

:laugh: I always wondered what happens at those. Where were you nabbed?

Kirkby Lonsdale in a (Daewoo Nubera estate!) starship evacuation module.

The course was OK but nothing a sentient human being would not know. That was the scary bit. 25% of human beings lack the sentience gene!:w00t:

One participant when asked if speeding had got her to her destination faster, stated: “Not the first time, but the second time I got my mother to the Speed Awareness Course on time”

Looking for the hand print in the Devil’s Bridge?

No, but if so many northern biker [email protected] didnt visit and cause accidents at the junction there would be no camera and wed have been 14mph below the limit!

Been there countless times, but never on a bike. Been diving in the river dozens of times. And have jumped of the upstream side of the bridge several times.

Quite a drop.

Did you land on your head?

“Did you bang your head Mrs. Richards?”
“Is this a piece of your brain?”

Also, you didn’t come round for coffee!

Our zips are sealed.:smiley:

Silly me. I always thought those circular thingies above the handle bars with the moving needle, or, more recently the little monitors with big LCD numbers, were for “speed awareness”.

Let’s be honest. Most of us think any sign outside of a risk areas (30/40/50) are advisery.

You do the course, you nod when you have to, you watch the sickies videos, you avoid the points.

And the 40 something born again biker, who was once Jack the Lad on his Triumph/whatever 20 odd years ago, will still go out and kill himself on his sports bike he’s realised he can afford now the kids have left home.

I wonder how effective these courses are.

Well, they save you three points.

Judging by some of the other participants lack of knowledge of speed limits and the proximity of the nearest loo, I conclude :

We are all lucky to be alive.

These courses have value.

Young folk have prostate problems too!:w00t:

Well Nokia seem to have bought into this. I updated to Ovi Maps 3.03 on my N97 the other day (it’s free) and now it keeps telling me off - “observe the speed limit!!”.

Getting told off by my mobile phone, quite regularly, is a new experience for me :w00t:

A neat summation Jetstream, though you missed out a “borrocks” somewhere down the line. (Unless that was the prostate reference.)

Let’s be honest. We were all young, testostorone fuelled and knew it all once. The lucky ones amongst us survived unscathed and acquired some experience and nouse.

All the new youngsters are complete dickheads. 'Twas ever thus.


Tim, if you think old BBI was capable of more than 70mph you are clearly demented.:wink:

Old Guy, can`t remember what you said, but I think I agreed at the time of reading.:slight_smile:

As for BBII, she is clearly capable in the right circumstances of speeds in excess of the national limit so it is with gratitude and humility that I praise the efforts of Drive Tech.:):laugh:

This said, I was walking on the hard shoulder in front of a Daewoo Nubera with a red flag at the time of my supposed transgression.:w00t:

Not once, I even did it through ice. Man that was a cold day.

think all instrument panels should look like this