Speed awareness course.

I am pretty sure there is an awful lot of evidence to show that people who attend speed awareness are far less likely to be caught speeding again, whilst 3 points has almost no affect on repeat offending.

When I did mine i was quite shocked how many didn’t know what the national speed limit was.

Something to bear in mind for those lving or riding in Kent: Kent police are no longer interested in ‘education’, only prosecution. So if your are busted there you won’t have the option of going to the course.

Sounds about right for Kent Police. (Almost) Always were a bit of a crock.

Not their fault entirely. KCC have always been mainly a bunch of over priviledged upper middle class twerps out of touch with reality controlling a large lump of their purse. But then it’s still down to the Chief Constable how that’s spent.

1 of a very long list of reasons why having 43 independant police forces is slightly insane.

Agreed, but if it were one single force and the one time dick head from North Wales was the Chief Constable…?

At least with this silly system you stand a chance of some CC’s being “user friendly”.

I think if they catch him speeding again they should hang him by his testicles:D

They couldn`t find a rope long enough!:stuck_out_tongue:

Can I watch?

Could we make it a spectator sport, admission by motorcycle only?