Special rideout 8th February 2009, please help.


Thanks, please pass this around.

Last year you all pulled out the stops to ride for my Father-in-Law - Roy’s Ride, remember this:

I hope you can all do the same for Dean - He’s a great Guy with only three months to live and he’s one of us - a biker - a friend - and a hero…

Please reply on the ride thread if you can attend, and thanks people this one is a special ride and he will be on it!

count me in mate

Thanks Ginger.

would like to do this so weather permitting i am there

If weather is ok, I’ll be there too.

Ginger, can I meet you somewhere?

Count me in as well mate! :wink:

Hello again Bman, nice to see you :slight_smile:

It would be good if we can gather the troops again this year. I’m going to move this into Rideouts and meets and pin it for you.

hope to make this, are people planning to meet up and ride across to essex together or just make ya own way ? :slight_smile:

Would like to come, very important we show a fellow biker how a family that has never met him cares.:slight_smile:

**** the weather… i will be there, dont know where the meet is but cant be that hard to find, so anyone going from my way, meet me on route? :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, coming off nights so be heading out to Essex from Islington way if anyone wants company on the way?

How about we meet at the Thurrock Service Station ( Moto Services) junc 30/31 M25 - like we did for the other rides?

If we got there from 09:00 hours to leave for Chelmsford at 09:30 Hours how does that sound? (sounds bloody early lol)

All Dependant on the weather, but it looks clear on Sunday.

Let me know what you think please, and thank you again for being there when you are all needed again.

PM sent Mike

I’ve already signed up through Essexbikers as it’s just up the road from me, but if on the day you see a grey-haired old git on a yellow VFR with a londonbikers sticker on the tail that’ll be me, come and say hello! :slight_smile:

Could be a change of plan Mike:) you may well get to see the new bike after all;)

If i can get my bike taxed i’ll be there… but a must admit the odds on that happening is not looking good :frowning: but i will try!

if it’s ok for a new member to come im in holloway should have my bike back on the road sunday 8th would like to meet up and show some suport

Hi Gary i would be good to see you again mate

Everyone is welcome, and this is for a fellow biker, a friend, and he needs this day…

@ Mo and Mrs Mo if you can make it I would love to see you and the new bike :wink:

@ the newbie, if you don’t want to stay a newbie then you better come :wink:

@ all, looking forward to seeing you at Thurrock Services about 09:00, or at the pub.

Thanks again, I’m looking forward to seeing that special smile.

Hey there dude, Count me in as long as it stops snowing!!!:smiley: