Special rideout 8th February 2009, please help.

Im in stortford so count me in, work allowing.

Here are the details of how to get to the pub:


I will be at Thurrock Services (even if it rains) Sunday morning at )9:00 hours…see you there or at the pub in Waltham nr. Chelmsford.

Thanks people, sunshine has been ordered…:wink:


I’m keeping everything crossed for the weather Mike;)

I’ll check weather & roads in the morning, as I the report is to be -5 to 2 degrees. Roads might be too icy?

Would love to join you all but not if the weather stays like this, sorry …fingers crossed!

We’ll be weather-dependent too, as will have to leave quite early to get to Thurrock. We’ll look at the state of the frost before we set off. :unsure:

Looks like a good day tomorrow weather wise, a little chilly, but sunny and warming up through the day.

No rain or snow until late afternoon.

Check the roads before traveling, be safe, and sensible.
If the roads are good, I’ll meet you at Thurrock Services - the usual place - I’ll be there if there is no ice / snow from 09:00 even if it’s raining.:wink:

Anyone passing Stansted on the way want to meet up??

Im still on my 125 though if thats ok Bman??

well we got snow and ice here in bedfordshire still, cant even get out of my road yet, anyone seen a lesser spotted grtter about ??? :smiley:

Yes looks like it could just be a bit cold;) Here’s hoping anyway, see you at Thurrock Mike.

Shall I bring the camel??:w00t:

I think your bike needs washing nonsense, have you not washed it since that ride in december lol.

We can confirm that this bike (Anita’s) was muddied in early January 09 - we took the photo. Looks like we will be at Thurrock to meet you tomorrow for this ride, unless there is a massive snowfall/arctic freeze overnight.

Look forward to seeing you all there:)Snowfall Massive #1

Wakey wakey, looks good out there guy and girls lets make it happen wop wop

@ Mo lol that camel still laughing my pants off.

Roads are good, (tested at 06:00) no frost, minimal ice so stay out of the wet, and ride safe.

See you at Thurrock @ 09:00 and wear Thermals.

Thanks for making an effort people, without you these rides would not happen.:wink:

The camel refuses to get up so ealy on a Sunday:)

Weather is good this side the river to, so see you all later.

I’ll be there when I can!!:angry::angry::angry:

Will try and meet up with u guys on route…really wanted to make this one along with the rest of u at thurrock, got up but bikes battery flat…my fault…didnt check it…so its on the optimate as i type !! ive got a spare but too fiddly to take other one out etc etc…(i know, lazy)…so as i can get out and on the road i will try and catch up to wherever u guys may be …hopefully. :wink:

Well, good turn out, pity the group I ended up following got lost, no corners being marked, I was at the back so stopped to mark a corner waited 20 mins but no one ever came! made my way to the A127 but did not know which direction the diner was, picked the wrong way and ended back at the M25 so came home.

Hope the rest of you made it ok:)

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

What a day, even the sunshine came out to play today.

Great turn out, well done to all.

Great day, great ride, great people.

See you on the next ride, and thanks again.

(www.monkeybikers.co.uk = coming soon…)