Sparrows Fart (weather permitting)

7am box hill, leave 7.30 for a nice ride before all the worlds wallies are awake to fill up the roads! Plan to be back at box for 10.30 ish, everyone welcome…


Route to be confirmed, probably as before, follow the flying red wheelie-ing thing…

So that will be me then :wink:

You mean Davide Tardozzi didn’t sign you up for brands on Sunday PJ?;):smiley:

I didn’t notice Chocha-Mochachino on the menu at Box mate;):smiley:

that’ll mean a 6 am start for me to get there :w00t: … weather dep. went down to ryka’s 1st time last week, yep was busy. where you planning to leave from? cheers

afternoon k man didnt get home till 2 30 , might be up for this to will be a 6 30 start for me fingers crossed for sun sun sun

Its a 6am start for me…

Be at Rykers carpark for 7am with a view of leaving at 7.30 heading south, probably Goodwood way.

Obviously weather permitting, if you get up and its raining then forget it.

hello bugsy if u wont to meet on the way up there ur not that far can meet somewere on way if u like ?

Going to try and get my arse out of bed for this one. :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow weather permitting.


hey bugsy! yeh m8 was bit of a circus last nite eh :smiley: hope to see ya at sparrow’s :cool:

V-Twin MassiVe #18 – CurVy SV

I have have had a foo beers… but i’ll be there!! :blink:

Tuono with a hang over? hope you’ve got ear plugs bonk? Looks like we might dodge the clouds? Obviously if its pissing down give it the swerve…

Cross fingers… :stuck_out_tongue:

are we all giving it a go with the overcast weather

just setting off now.

its pissing down here

On or off Wombat? Wet here in Reigate

dont look nice here either bud, got a horrible feeling PJ’s on his way already…

I’ll swerve - yoo wet for hooning

i’m giving it a miss guys and girls, if you go hope it clears for you… :cool:

nice to meet u lot nice ride hope to do it all over agane soon with out pushing cars this time lol:D