spanish classes?

could just google this but thought i’d ask around if anyone’s done a course that they’d recommend. don’t want anything too intensive but wanna progressively learn if you get what i mean…

Not done one myself, but Morley College (Westminster Bridge Rd. Lambeth/Elephant & Castle) have a range of language courses and friends of mine spoke highly of the courses they did there.

get a spanish girlfriend :wink: then you will progressively learn ‘new things’ :smiley:

I actually looked in to a spanish class there last year. They’ve got a good rep. :smiley:

I thoroughly enjoyed my course :slight_smile: I did it at Kingston Adult Education Centre:

North Kingston Centre
Richmond Road,
Kingston Upon Kingston,

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Most areas have adult edu classes. It’s not that difficult a language - compared to English!. I can reccomend a few books that I used - but I need to find em first! Listeing to music a bit helps as well. Time for those salsa classes!

If you want any music I can help there.

The thing that messes me up most is accents. Castillian (Spanish) Spanish is different to the various Caribbean/South American ones. Got caught out in parts of Panama a few times, on the Caribbean coast they speak Spanish like Jamaicans speak English.

Cuba is another place where they speak rapid fire slang. But I never had any major problems. Even found myself arguing with a copper there over a $10 he was giving me!

cheers for that fella, will look into it :slight_smile:

have thought about that ppg! unfortunately my current girlfriend is also interested in classes and i’m not that lucky-a-man if you know what i mean :wink:

thanks for that. little out my way although i do work in west london, but would be a bit of a trek for my gf :slight_smile:

hola senoir hucks. toto bien amigo, como estas? dondé esta banjol???

popped down to jury’s gap road etc on saturday. should’ve given you a bloody bell but didn’t even think til i saw your post. soz fella, will introduce you to the delights of that london-hastings-lydd route one day.

yeah i have dabbled a tiny bit but would like to start something constructive. if you think of that book let me know. i did think of taking my favourite songs and finding spanish versions of them so if you here of any clash records en espanol let me know fella :wink: think i’ll start with the bog standard kings spanish for now and leave the colloquialisms til later! you can test me on the next ride-out dude, or at least gimme some pointers. cheers fella :slight_smile:

Greenwich Community College do evening/weekend Spanish classes, you can start as a complete beginner and work your way through or go for the more advanced stuff dependent on your previous experience.

I did the total novice course and it cost me around £150 last year for a 30 week evening course, biggest difficulty I found was practice, without it you forget what you’ve learnt far too easily, but if you and your girlfriend do it together you’ll be able to help each other out. :smiley:

PM me if you want to know anymore.

coooooool that sounds pretty much perfect fella. just down the road too so wicked. see what your saying about practice. maybe an excuse to get away more too i’ll give you a shout if we think of anything. cheers for that tim :slight_smile:

No worries fella, my pleasure. :smiley:

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You know me always up for a nice fast blast. Couldn’t have made this weekend as I was up in Rutland. Nice roads up there - but a bit of a long way to go!

will def make sure i give you a shout next time i fancy some freezing fingers. hopefully this mongrel weather will continue for a few more weeks. the camber run really needs an early start so will give you a few days notice next time the kent coast comes calling :cool:

Get in touch. Cold? No probs, I’m warmed.

There’s a Spanish forum site which will let you download a free Spanish course. not very advanced but easy to use …and it works.

cool! nice one whistler :Wow: i’ll have a go at that before i start any classes. be good to get a vague grasp before i have to go embarrassing myself :smiley:

These websites are good.

I taught myself a bit of Spanish so that I could join a post-beginners class. I couldnt be bothered spending ages in a class learning how to say the alphabet and “My name is…” “I live in…” “I have one brother” etc etc. I used a Hugo audio course called learn spanish in 30 days. It was years ago when things still came on casettes and people only had internet at uni or work! :slight_smile:
I learned the most when away travelling but have just started advanced classes because I always forget so much when not using it often. Good luck!

ps - I think most of the classes have started for this term. I only started last Monday because left it till the last minute and all the others had already started. Check

cheers nonsense, excellent work fella :cool:

Oi - I’m a bird, right?!!! :angry:

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as for lessons Ask Garret he will help you out. :slight_smile: