Southern Europe summer riding gear

So all being well (spread of war not withstanding) we hope to ride south in the summer.

We’ll be riding from home through France and Italy over the alps on our way to Greece.

Will need to be able to cope with cool temps at home, rain anywhere, cold in the mountains and potential mid 30’s temps in Greece and the Balkans.

Want to have protective gear as we’ll be doing lots of miles but can’t take two sets for space and weight reasons.

Last time I did a trip like this was 25 years ago and wore leathers. Still got those leathers but they’re horribly dated and not protective by todays standards.

What would you recommend we wear? Our regular textile stuff and sweat it out?


I’ve been wearing RevIt Textiles when touring. It’s got plenty of vents when it’s hot and is waterproof when not.

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flip flops, shorts and sunglasses - dont bother with helmet either


Leather trousers and textile jacket with removable liner. Waterproof overtrousers when it rains or it’s cold.

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Textiles all day and all night too. I find leather is either too hot or too cold. My summer touring kit comprises a mesh jacket, mesh trousers, polywhatsit over trousers and jacket for the occasional episode of wetter. If riding by night I also have a thermal, shower proof, wind breaker jacket and trouser suit that fits over the mesh gear and under the polywhatsits, found in a pro golf shop.

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