your typical greek summer rider

couldnt resist taking a pic

lol, suprised he didnt have a fag in his mouth and a little whiskey on the rocks! thats the only reason my dads got an open face lid! tsiaron time lol

has he got a bald patch on the back of his head? must be from the sun burning his hair! :smiley:

Probably can’t afford the protective gear. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont’ care what gear others choose to ride in but flip flops on a geared bike is something I cant get my head round, cannot be all that comfy changing gear! But I suppose you do cluchtless changes!

Changing gear in flip flops hurts!

And before you all start shouting, Bike was in drive way came in got all the gear off.

Forgot I had to but it in the garage half a meter in flip flops. First then up to neutral. Not pleasant.

half a meter in flip flops!!!

Should of put proper gear back on:D:D:D

Crocs are the way forward :slight_smile:

saw those yesterday in london :smiley: