some cyclist need putting out of misery - by a truck

Bit of a slow bike!!! I can walk faster than that!!

Wishing a horrible death on cyclist is really harsh!! Get a grip :wink:

my point exactly;)

Whooooooooooo HOOOOOOOO

Have we all got that off our chests! :slight_smile:

Lighten up folks, its time for another round of football we’re not involved in, daft generalisations about other road-users that get some of us all riled up, and work.

Then there’s the weekend fun, the families we love, the friends we drink with, the daisy’s to sniff on the path to enlightenment, and the god-botherers to wind up!


Had a great moment this morning. Cycling (yes… cycling) along the old kent road and city boner in his AUdi TT convertible nearly kills me dashing through the traffic whilst he texts away, before slamming brakes on at the back of the next traffic jam… at the big roundabout with the fly over before Elephant and Castle.

I call over to him as I passed by that I thought he was a bl00dy idiot and he should watch where he as going as well as put his bl00dy phone down, and then went on my way (no harm done I thought considering he’d nearly killed me and hadn’t even noticed or shown any regret).

I cycle on feeling smug, but get a really scary feeling when he pulls out of the traffic INTO the buslane to chase after me beeping his horn, flashing his lights, standing UP in his seat, driving with one hand on the wheels and waving the phone at me shouting about how it was hi s god dammed right to use a phone wherever he bloody well wanted to… …

Unfortunately for him, he hadn’t seen the police car in the traffic behind him, who’d been watching EVERYTHING… or the 20 police bikes doing traffic checks 50 yards up the road…

LAUGH… I stopped, and giggled continuously at him, whilst the police tore HUGE strips off him, and practically did a body cavity search on him… half the coppers there were laughing too… Made moi day that did! Watching him eat humble pie, with cream as they searched his brief case, and refused to let him answer the phone that was ringing CONTINUALLY whilst he got B!TCH-slapped by about 4 different coppers… :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

See, us cyclists ain’t bad people, we got a sense of humour too…

Yeah, that’s uncool.

I know some cyclists do take the wee a bit sometimes, but they were probably upset at having their nice Sunday ride ruined by motorbikes screaming past them every five seconds… it goes both ways.

Live and let live, I say. If I get held up by someone on a favourite set of bends, I just let them go on their way, do an about-face and then go through them again! :slight_smile:

:cool:Lets hope he got slightly more than a mere ticking off!!

When cyclists have been crushed by trucks recently in the centre of London the OP needs to think carefully if any of their relatives might be reading this before he posts. :angry: Not funny.

As for cyclists in Peletons- why the hell not. Four of them side by side is about the same size and speed as say, a tractor. Just go past them and stop moaning.

Well I’ve got a lot of time for cyclists, we should give them as much space as they need and more besides.

Bear in mind they are travelling under their own propulsion whereas we have engines to propell us along, so unlike them we have the luxury of being able to dedicate 100% of our energy into watching where we’re going, as opposed to pushing pedals over and over.

Of course they’re going to swerve, they weigh nothing, have skinny little tyres and have to spend half their time fighting against camber/potholes/sunken manhole covers. And then there’s the buses they have to keep overtaking, like a very dangerous game of leapfrog. And we certainly don’t do them any favours.

So - we should be watching out for cyclists, they are far more vulnerable than we are.

And I find the title of this thread pretty offensive.

Seriously, another thread that goes on about cyclists are a pain… BORING:D

And wishing harm on them…you need to take a long hard look at yourself.:angry:

Love it. Glad to see sometimes these morons do get caught! :slight_smile:

Im watching this thread…


In Soviet Russia, thread watches you . :ermm:

As road users, and that’s all road users no matter what form of transport you use, you have to accept you will get stuck in traffic and behind some morons, and witness some truly idiotic behavior, it’s life in the city. Lighten up, if each day you go out and keep that thought in the back of your mind you will deal with it better. Or scream and shout, whatever makes you feel better but wishing death on someone is uncool. Unless it’s those dozy scooterists!! :D:P:D j/k

So who’s watching Taylor:w00t:

No one, she looks after Smiled. :smiley:


However if they want to ride 2 - 3 abreast very slowly, perhaps they could do it in a park instead? Sometimes the reason they can only toddle so tardily is that they are having a 3-way Sunday morning chat as they dawdle along:w00t:

S’very true, but there’s nothing wrong with them doin that… that’s what Sunny Sunday afternoon’s are for sometimes… other times they’re for razzin down country lanes enjoy the wind and the taste of insects when you forget to properly close your visor… Live and let live!

mine or yours?:stuck_out_tongue:

lol kevsta…you really dont know how close too the truth you are mate…:D.


Its a cycle of hate…we hate push bikes, lorry drivers hate bikers,everyone and there dog hates caravans…blah blah blah, the world goes on…

Don’t even go there… :smiley:

and the old bill went down to box hill and gave them all warnings for riding like c***s, this weekend they will be nicking any morons for obstruction - a few of you should go down there saturday, ride up the zig zag road and judge for yerself…unless you are too busy on here…