some cyclist need putting out of misery - by a truck

too fast (04/07/2010)

I’m suppose you’re right if you think that losing it with people on public roads is clever or effective … :slight_smile: chump

I don’t have to much of a problem with cyclist, well most of them anyway, as long as they keep off my roads:):P:hehe:. My biggest beaf is with the stupid car drivers who cross right over to the other side of the road to overtake a single cycle:w00t: lost count how many times this weekend I have nearly had head-ons with the pillocks.

You mean the way they’re supposed to be overtaking them?

I don’t think you’re “meant” to do it when other vehicles are approaching! :smiley:

True but, there is a thing called compulsory basic training that every motorcyclist has to do before their allowed to go out on public roads.

I think your missing my point here, i,m merely stating that a lot of accidents happen with cyclists because they have no road sense, the same thing used to happen to learners on mopeds so the government introduced CBT to teach learners basic road skills.

I’m not against cyclists (as you said they’ve kept me in a job for 20yrs) but i think total novices should have some form of training, i’m not saying it will solve the problem overnight but it will certainly help.

I feel your pain at the Lycra’d up panzies, SO irritating, i hate them.

Especially when they are riding at the ride of a fast road like a 50 or 60 and you can over take.
My favourite trick it to beep when you go past, scares then.
Alternatively in the car, open your window and bark at them.

True, but I cycle, ride a motorbike, drive a car and a van and they are all taxed, mot’d insured and I have a full licence for all the motorsied ones, and did a cycling proficiency test when I was seven.
It is no different to a group of lads coming out of a pub on sunday afternoon, walking out into traffic and stopping the cars - taking the entire width of the road at 2mph is obstruction, and moving across into another road user is dangerous - just like the little twat that knocked me off my suzuki 1000 years ago and wrecked it and me, as he didn’t look or signal before changing direction into my path 2 foot in front of me. I didn’t get paid for that, I was off work and bikeless, no I wasn’t speeding, and I am glad I broke the ****ers arm and leg!

Wishing they would get squashed by trucks?Sorry, but that is just plain f-ing stupid thing to say. I’d bet you’d be the first one frothing at the mouth if people were wishing death on bikers for the “dangerous way they overtake or speed” etc etc.

There is no doubt that cyclists can be a little inconsiderate at times and perhaps they ought to be reminded that they are not riding on a closed circuit of the Tour De France when riding in big groups, but any point you were making was rendered invalid when you wished serious injury or death on them. Joking or not it is a stupid thing to say. I don’t like people wishing death to bikers, as would be the case for most of us, so if we don’t like it being said about us, don’t be hypocritical and say about others.

That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve seen on a motorbike forum in a long time … and that’s saying something!

And this does wonders for the image of motorcyclists, thanks.

Are you ******* seven?

this kind of thread makes me angry at the small number of knobs I have to share this country with.

I saw a bloke this morning on a scoot who’d been under the front of a lorry on the A3. It didn’t look good.

To the op and the 250ninja idiot, I really hope you don’t end up the same way.

I ride bicycles, litre motorcycles and fast cars. I’m lucky to be able to do that. When I come across someone on, say a 250 or a 600, or driving a van, they’re usually in the way, but funnily enough, I don’t wish them dead.

Lowlife morons.

No, i have a f*cking sense of humour…
Maybe you should look at getting one?

And btw, i was joking. I rarely ever beep at cyclists infact ive only ever done it once.
And as far as the car + barking joke, i have never actually done that.

Lemmie just add about the ‘image of motorcyclist’ comment, i am an Extremely considerate rider.
Ive been riding for, i know its a sort time, but 2 years and can count on 1 hand the times ive sped.
Im not reckless or idiotic, never do anything dangerous at all.

Maybe i came across as abit of a tosser, if thats the case i do apologise as it doesnt help my image on a new forum.

Sorry pal…I can’t see how you can get all uppity…can’t really see anything in your post that in any way implied it was a joke, so you can see why you got the response you did.

Hmm yes, for every one.
I was joking, damn the internet is so hard to show any emotion. (i.e sarcasm)

I completely see what you say about about biker appearance. Its not good, I think people like me do good for the appearance. As i mentioned im considerate and never speed or mess about.
Just the other day, going to college there was guy in the middle of the road and his dog was stressing because of cars, i was the only person that stopped to let him pass, very grateful e’was.

In hind site it was a stupid attempt at a joke. Sorry.

Fair dues for the apology. Makes a difference :slight_smile:

Now this time I quite clearly see it is a joke ! :stuck_out_tongue:

i used to ride a push bike so i know wat its like on the reciving end of all this s.h.i.t . i always treat them like any other road user and so should u all. :smiley:

fair enough. I’ll put my crutch down now :smiley:

Haha, oi!

Its quite funny, my mate ride a 50cc supermoto, he always get really ratty at me cos he speeds off doing about 35/40 to make up for lost speed on faster roads, whilst im sat there doing the speed limit.
Then he moans at me for being slow when im sat behind him in a 50.
But hey-ho, thats not his fault, its the law.