some cyclist need putting out of misery - by a truck

just been up to box hill, teeming with the lycra clad camp brigade, blocking all the roads. Had a couple nearly hit me as I overtook them as they moved out without looking. Reported them to Surrey plod - as if they are going to do anything :angry:.

Anyone with a truck has my support if they accidentally squash a few of them as they ride 4 abreast holding up traffic

That’s not a good thing to say.

not all cyclists, just the ones that ride 3 or 4 abreast, stopping overtaxed road users using the road

+1 always best to take a breather before posting angry rants :slight_smile:

I find the best way to releave the pain is to kick there front wheel out…helps a treat…:slight_smile:

The problem is any fool can purchase a cycle and go out on the public roads without having any road sense what so ever!

Shouldn’t two wheelers be looking out for each other?
Knowing how bloody vulnerable two-wheelers are, why aren’t you respecting their space and giving them some room… how long did they actually hold you up, 30 seconds… a minute?

GET A LIFE mate, cos with that kind of attitude, I would guess that NOTHING in yours is so important that you can’t spare thirty seconds…

Sorry, if this sounds harsh, but bored to EFFIN death of Bikers and Cyclists havin a go at each other, where’s the bl00dy solidarity for a group of people who are just as “exposed and at rick” as bikers… if not far ruddy worse…

And people who whinge about being held up in London are total bl00dy idiots… EVERYONE IS HELD UP IN LONDON ALL THE TIME… ALL THE TIME… ITS CALLED TRAFFIC YOU IDIOT… ITS EVERYWHERE… GET A BL00DY GRIP!

And to the Mod that has to deal with this, sorry, Bad day, but I stand by what I’ve said…

Possibly, but only a select few fools can afford a CBT or DAS!



But the necessity of a license to drive a car or ride a motorbike has hardly ended bad driving or riding of either of those.

Heheh yeh true, i suppose for quite a few people it’s the only transport they can afford but…
I’ve worked in the cycle industry now for almost 20yrs and see people buying cycles that have never driven/rode on public roads before, they get the bike, helmet, lock etc etc then wheel it straight out into central London roads with no idea of what their letting themselves in for.

This is from the Sunday Times…

The number of cyclists killed on the roads has risen to its highest level for six years, prompting concerns that the sharp increase in novice riders switching from four to two wheels may be responsible.

Yep, fair point mate, can’t argue with that.

no it has’nt ended it but it must have cut it down by a thousand fold? imagine if there was no requrement for a license!! it would be maddness., belive me i know. I lived in a country where you bought your license. sorry think i’m going off topic:)

perhaps more awareness of cycling profficientcy training would be good.

maybe the cyclist are making themselves more noticeable by riding abreast. i quite often come across them 2 wide but mostly they go single file till i pass.

as can any motorcylist

so does that go for anyone who rides a 50cc scoot ?

or a group of kids riding along as im sure 98% of adults did as a child when out with their friends rideing side by side …

Hmm how about instead of ranting … learn the meaning of patience …and never wishing such fates on people …

hmm so if in essence these people had not come into buy these cycles and ancillaries … would you possible still be working in the cycle industry ?

with regards to the increase of accidents is it not possible that its not the cyclists that are fault but the attitude of other road users towards them …

Four cyclists side by side occupying a lane of a road … is that no different to a car or van occupying the same space ?

I think you mis-read my sarcasm :wink:

I don’t think it’s a matter of cyclists being on the road, that’s fine, the problem is the ones who seem to swerve out randomly from the side of the road without even looking over their shoulder.

They must be insane anyway, as people above have mentioned they are at risk as much if not more than us anyway!

I think you missed the point pal - motorcyclists DON’T train for RACING on public roads, or ride FOUR abreast at 2mph on narrow country roads, or move across into the path of other road users - this is not TRAFFIC YOU IDIOT, IT IS CONTRARY TO LAW AND IS CALLED OBSTRUCTION - GET A BRAIN! :laugh:

Sounds like they have a sportive going on. I’ve been on quite a few and they are loads of fun. I have noticed though that some of the people participating tend to loose their road sense when riding in the ‘pack’. You’re not really supposed to ride two’s, three’s, or more’s up, for any extended time where it is impacting on the progress of other road users. The irony of it is that a lot of the people who partake in these events are usually very experienced road cyclists.

I raced a triathlon up in Shropshire last weekend. The cycle section was on open roads, so I would always shoulder check before overtaking another competitor, or time my overtake for a clear section of road. Some of the roads up there on the borders are incredible and I will definitely be revisiting with the motorbike. A guy on an R1 offered to let me hold on for a tow, I responded that I would return the favour when we got to the twisties. Oh how I laughed.

I reckon being a motorbiker makes me a better road cyclist, and being a mountain biker, makes me a better motorcyclist.

Last week I read a tweet from some random person on twitter. It went along the lines of, “I just saw a motorbike crash into a bus. Gutted the biker wasn’t even hurt”.

The world is well populated with ar£**oles eh?

Did you enquire with them all if they were also overtaxed road users? They probably drive cars also and therefore pay more than just someone who only rides a motorbike.