So Where are you all from ?

Hi all … hows things?

Not posted alot really but my mate says i should get on this site more than my usel one as this is more , fun , bike like and all round better.

So to start with where do you all come in from …

I come in from rotherhite ( Blue 51 R6, Black Craft lid ) you can normally see me around 7:45 is wheeling across london bridge on my way to work ( cannon Street )

Hi Stewboy, from SE London myself. Hope you wheely at 20mph over Tower Bridge.

Not mate normally around 60 on london bridge …

hey, nice to hear from you mate. I’m from Curitiba, Parana estate of Brazil!!!

Stweboy, sorry mate getting my bridges mixed up. It’s Tower Bridge that has hidden speed cameras for the 20mph limit.

Stewboy even, must remember to drink less.

lol thats cool mate …

originally from Yorkshire but live just outside Dartford. Aye up lad!

Welcome over mate

For the record…Born in Wales, brought up in South Africa, then Italy, then Harrogate , now living in Camden.

I’m a Saffa living in Woking now and loving it.

Geordieland. Home of Shearer, Brown Ale, awesome scenery, and top nightlife.

Howay the lads!

From Wembley

BTW this is my mate who brought me over …

cheers dude.

Im From Northern Ireland, lived in Surrey (Farnham/Guildford /Godalming) for four yrs, live near Hendon for 7 mths and now living in Walthamstow

Kiwi born and spent a couple of years living in Brisbane before coming here. First place I lived in was Kings Cross and then moved to SE London I have an SV boat

born in tottenham now in enfield

Originally Highbury (up the gooners te he
Walthamstow for a few years…
Sunny Herts now

Sorry I pretty much live in herts now too

Originally from Hell, but it was a bit warm so I decided to move to Wembley! Thats was not so hot, but was fuggin horrible and even worst that Satans sweaty nad sack so now I have moved into the coontry to pish off all the yokels. And any of you’s come up my way and it’ll be “Geroff moi lannnnnd”

Born on the planet Kwaka, temporarily moved to the darkside of Suzuki.

Realistically, born in Streatham (don’t laugh). Lived most of my early years on the outskirts of Woking. Then relocated to Wallington, followed by Worcester Park, followed by Tadworth.