So Where are you all from ?

Australia originally, been in London for about 5 years now and to be found mostly in Twickenham.

both my parents are immagrants and Italian, as is my passport, but born here …

Not 100% sure…I was a test tube baby. I know who my mother was but, obviously my Daddy was a wankah…So glad that I don’t take after him!!

Born and raised in Boston, MA…currently stuck, I mean living, in Wichita, KS. :shrug

Hey Gregman, I’m just east of you in North Carolina. Man, you are stuck in Kansas. How’s Dorthy? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Nice site, great bike. I got the same in the blu/blk. My best bud got the same as you. He just put a Yosh pipe and sticker kit on it, awesome!

Born and Bred in the Highlands of Scotland. Came to London at 18 and am in SE London (Kennington).

Hey m8,
Currently living under a stone in Guildford surrey

nice out isnt it!!!


Dutch/English blood, London raised, Londoner for life! Lived in all four corners of London, call West London my home (Richmond).

From my mums fanny

Born in London, brought up in Lagos, Nigeria till 17, then over to Harrogate for school then Coventry for uni

Live St Johns Wood

It should have been expected !


born in guildford,lived most of my life in cobham surrey, now currently live in Ashford middx

Originally from Bishop’s Stortford, herts, now Costa Brava, Spain, and in just under 2 months back to Stortford

Live in Crofton Park SE4, Its the better part of Brockley near the now destroyed Catford Dog track.


Born in waterford and still live in waterford. (bottom of Ireland)
Was a s**t hole and still is really.


born in ascot, live in sunninghill, berkshire, & norwood green, southall.

Hey stew, rotherhithe here too.

Blatting about on a gsxr 1100 slingshot and found in the gregorian (jamaica rd/st james rd) most sat nights, lol.

Born and raised near Barnsley, lived and worked in Leicester for the past 9 Years, now still working in Leicester but stopping in South Harrow and looking to make the switch permanently.