So what do you do and can we hook up?

No I didn’t mean that!

GPaul’s thread “Anyone else working weekends normally?” got me thinking.  If we share what we do for a living we might find areas to refer business, help each other, share work or whatever. Might be worth a post and at least might cause some mirth or embarrassment.

I’ll go first. I’m recently retired :slight_smile:

Nurse on a recovery unit in NW London. Anyone needs medical/nursing advice you can give me a shout.

I’m currently winding down for Christmas…

Full time troll…currently flat out no time to ride or meet up!:joy::joy:

Recently retired - but getting bored so might start looking at options shortly…or not.

Electrical maintenance for the railway.

I work at a Scout activity center

Full time job policing this forum…apparently !

IT geek for a charity

I think most of us bother computers in one way or another. I do Linux web and mail stuff.

Network engineer

Martial arts and self defence coach.

Wood Green, Monday’s & Wednesday’s,

Edmonton, Tuesday’s & Thursday’s,

Local Authority Arboricultural Officer.

(when I’m taking time out from being international super model, obviously).

Motorcycle response paramedic, let’s hope we don’t hookup  😕

Is that the latest title for a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon would be hands on cutting down trees, logging, cross dressing and all that. Can’t imagine a international super model risking her finger nails to be honest.

I work in the construction industry & I dont work weekends

Computer Programmer - mostly equity trading systems.

Fairplay mate good job!!

I USED to be a tree surgeon, now I sit on my arse in various offices all day and leave using a chainsaw to those younger and fitter than me :grin: