so ive been out and bought one of these

In this colour also, very excited!, took it for its first proper run to Deepest darkest Essex last night to a collegues wedding eve and back early hours in the monsoon weather!, handled fantastically, just looking at my extras lists :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

fanks :slight_smile:

did you give yourself much off the list price…and a good trade in price on the sprint :wink:

looks good anyways matt, i presume your ditching the huuuge exhaust can for something more sleek lightweight and loud :smiley:



that’s lovely… I really do think that’s probably the best looking adventure bike!

Gonna sell it again the week after yeah?

thanks guys, yeah its one of the nicest looking adventure bikes i think anyway.:slight_smile:

Sweet. Very sweet.


so here we go…

nice one Matt, that’ll be perfect for going dogging in the woods with Jets :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly!!! :-). i am not letting sausage fingers go up whatever place it was he mentioned on it lol

Sorry mate, our dog met Westie & although she thought he was a nice boy, she didn’t fancy him much:Whistling:

I hope you didn’t have to meet anyone to get it! You probably kept them waiting a long time or didn’t show :P.

Nice bike though. Not my thing but I can see why you’d get one as it looks like a pretty perfect all rounder :).

it was bought at work you cock

ooooooo someones getting touchy :w00t:

Yeh westie had to turn up or he’d lose a days wage :smiley:

pmsl :smiley:

or maybe

pms :slight_smile:

cheeky feckers:D