so ive been out and bought one of these

nice bike, want to buy a sat nav for it?



Handguards have been fitted today:)

actually it’s one of these

Yep, funny, no doubt about it. :laugh:

awww the poor mans GS !!!

ha so you say!!:smiley:

Hi Westie, I’m wondering based on your recent acquisition if you can help me?

I am a new rider (and LB member) - have a cruiser for weekend riding and thought it would be fine to have a maxi scooter for commute/ town riding.

However, after just 6 weeks of passing my DAS I am soooo bored of the scooter. Love my cruiser, but just not practical for town on a daily basis (and in winter), so having decided I like the look/ riding position/ power etc of an adventure bike, on Saturday I test rode a Tiger 800 and loooooved it.

However, being the cautious type when it comes to shelling out a large amount of cash (and having screwed up on buying the X-max) I wanted to try the competition; so far:

Honda NC700X - felt cheap and not as much ‘fun’ as the Tiger, Honda CBR1000 - lovely ride quality, but too refined/ no character/ bit boring

This week am booked to try: BMW F650 GS (I’m 5’6" and it has a smaller frame, so more likely to be able to get on it!), Suzuki DL650 V-Strom Adventure and Honda Crossrunner. KTMs look fun, but apparently difficult to maintain, so passing on them.

So my questions:

Any others that you have tried? What was it that made you ultimately choose the Tiger? What luggage do you plan to get for it - the OEM stuff looks cheap and is v. expensive, the aftermarket stuff looks better but can be v. expensive. My gut feel is that it will be the Tiger that I go for (with Beemer a close 2nd) - if that is the outcome, what would you suggest as the essential extras?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Ally with the words ‘essential extras’ directed at westie you’ve just opened a can of worms :hehe: his bike will be covered with all the triumph extras and no doubt he’ll be wearing all the triumph attire and have other merchandise embossed with triumph all over his home :laugh:

Nah that won’t happen.

It has been two days, he has probably sold it already :stuck_out_tongue:

nice bike westie :wink:

forgot to add that :pinch:

Duly noted gentleman, but still interested in hearing from Westie (and as I am ditching my X-Max after only 5 months, I’m not really in a position to judge him harshly!)

Just looking for reassurance that the Tiger 800 and BMW f650 GS are best in class (based on the fast that I would need a step ladder for the F800) and that I should just go for the one that ‘feels’ best for me. Have read a load of reviews (not helpful when the journos are mostly speed freaks) - so would be great to hear from someone who actually owns one/ has more experience than me and potentially stops me from making a big mistake.

Perhaps I should also start a new thread and throw the question out further…

I don’t think you have been riding the same CBR1000 as other people because its not boring and has a lot of character!


If the blade is considered boring, I want to know what she’s into!!

Hopefully its a typo and was supposed to be the CBF1000 if not thats one complete lunatic if a blade is boring

Oh dear, it would appear I’ve been a bit of a dumbass - I did indeed mean a CBF1000, not a CBR. In my defence, not a big fan of the letters/numbers thing for naming bikes - if they can come up with names for cars, why not bikes - oh wait they do for some and for others they get a name and a number - all very confusing to a newbie. Just to continue my moan for a little longer, if they insist on using letters with 26 different letters in our alphabet, could they not find a slightly more unique combination to describe very different bikes. I get the use of the numbers - very self explanatory, or so you would think - as stated I am also interested in a BMW F650 GS - however, the actual cc is about 796, the same as on the F800 GS! Apparently, they have just tweaked it to produce lower bhp etc.
Finally, does anyone know if there is an idiots guide to understanding the biking world (reading journo reviews of bikes, can leave one who is new to all this rather bewildered and needing a glossary!)

Finally, does anyone know if there is an idiots guide to understanding the biking world

The naming starts in Japan where they give it initialsand number which has no apparent logic or meaning to it. Ie ZX900 Then apicture gets sent over the pacific to the American sales team who then give thebike a real catchy name unrelated to motorcycles. Ie Ninja The picture andcatchy name then crosses the Atlantic wherenew letters appear which aren’t the same as the Japanese ones, they still don’tmean anything, but there are usually more of them then the Japanese use. Ie GPz900r

The more into Zen the manufacturer is, the more confusiousthe lettering process is.


C ross

B eam

R acer…

Not that difficult, really… The pistons go across the frame (In-Line 4)… and it has (almost) 1000cc…