So difficult to find a parking place in Westminster

but I am not that disappointed, I don’t know why hahahahahah hahahahahah :D:P:w00t:








errr :ermm: isnt that vandalism… and again putting **our ** shoe in **our ** mouth!! (instead of throwing it)


:D:D:D:D, hahahaha


so peoplke that actualy wanting to pay now cant cos sum [email protected] has sprayed the no’s therefor they will get a ticket…knob

It’s not big and it’s not clever bbsmonk and also not something I think we should be seen to condone on here!! Whoever has done this is a complete plank.

Most Westminster bike parking signs are sprayed out these days - I guess technically they can’t fine you for non-payment if the payment details are obscured.

Haven’t bothered to find out myself. . .

I reckon if you find a shoe with a coarse sole, it may take the paint off. Then you’ll be able to enter the correct details in your mobile phone.:smiley:

This will only encourage the council to proceed with the scheme, and get the revenue from US - to clean up the mess.

Here a nice pic for you. A new avatar maybe? :smiley:



Well said Tiggi

Surely they’ll ticket you anyway and innocent people end up suffering as a result.

wot a load of b0ll0x

you wont be laughing when you get a ticket for not paying, bet the excuse of “i couldnt see the number” will work very well when you try to contest it.

now the no parking lot are condoning vandalism!

Daft loonies. that is really going to get up people’s nose. Pure vandalism will not pay off or endear motorcyclists to the greater public.

feel like a human being



BBS i’m lost for words, which isn’t normal for me.

I’m in two minds to remove this post but feel you need to be accounted for for posting something that is totally out of order.

I am amazed you get by in life without someone twatting you on the nose on a regular basis.

That sort of behaviour is pathetic and certainly won’t help your case.

So who do you think will be paying for replacing the signs, some investigation on how it can be avoided in the future, extra patrolling etc etc?
I bet when you were a child you were one of those morons who, at the slightest challenge, would rather chuck the board game on the floor than trying to win the game.

pmsl :w00t:

LoL nice one PJ that’s the funniest post I’ve seen for a long time.

A very big phat +1 on your sentiment.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things - and fortunately this won’t be representative of the movement which he allegedly represents.

well someones got no brains…its only a matter of time before one of the many cameras around there catches you in the act, then a squad car is normally despatched to find you.

and i hope they do nick you, you are possibly causing others that dont mind paying a small fee to park in a bike bay, problems by doing this, paying to use the bike bays may create spome space in a few of them!:wink:

my impression is some people here are unusually sensitive to those low tech vandal or petite crime while being oblivious to(if not admiring) high-tech, white collar, systematic vandal, corruption, crime and anti-human atrocities done by your society elites (my impression on your discussions on wars, the fiancial crisis, media scandals.) What the moral chaletans here urgently need is a sense of proportion, otherwise you are becoming deluted hypocrites.:D:D:D

bbcmonk – It’s criminal damage and someone will have to pay to make good that damage…

I actually had quite a lot of sympathy for the protests against Westminster profiteering and the unaccountable method by which they were introducing these parking charges. Sadly, you’ve single handedly convinced me that I do not wish to be involved.

Furthermore, you talk the most amazing pile of gibberish I’ve ever heard…