So difficult to find a parking place in Westminster

also some people are amazed how nasty the parking wardens are been at frith st and other surrounding areas on friday nights, i wonder why?

fueling the fire.

A good point chops. Bb you’re not helping. Yes any pan issued where contact details / payment terms are obscured are invalid, however you need proof and not everyone takes a picture when they park. The campaign is currently promoting the july 1st demo as its the deadline for objections. I’d suggest promoting the democratic way rather than the criminal way. Ill be at the demo but I won’t support criminal activity. Knob…

Long words do not a clever man make

Or as we say where I come from

Shurrup you daft twat

mr-c, nobody stop you from laying flowers in front of those parking signs and mourning, i will tell you the exact locations if you need, maybe a few pounds for flowers too, since i am in good mood:D:D haha

Just when we thought that bbsmonk couldn’t get any dumber…he does this!

bbsmonk, you truly are a pr1ck!

a lot of you are very quick to jump to conclusions and demonize an individual and a lawful peace protest you do not agree, you must have learnt that trick from westminster council, or your politicians

you prove youself to be a pretty rusty prIck:D:D:D use your brain to think please

You call vandalism petty crime and accuse all of us of being white collar criminals. Most of us you have never meet, but you are openly admitting supporting vandalism.

Use your brain you moron and show you’ve got balls by fighting the fight fair rather than choose the coward way out.

I don’t agree with the Westminster parking fees, but there’s many things I don’t agree with. I have the choice and right to protest, vote or leave the country, and so has everybody else. We do not have the right to damage somebody else’s property.

if you can read, read my post again. I don’t know you, but i know a white collar criminal needs some sort of brain. i have never expected a few photos to cause responses like this, haha, as if i bring some garlic to the Dracula castle:w00t:
basically i published some pics and said i am happy, and i am still in good mood now, cannot help it. i know there are police in this forum, but haven’t expected there are so many opinion police and emotion police.


I enjoy reading every post of yours BBS. It reminds me of how I used to write when I was three. :hehe:

You talk so muck bllcks, I’m surprised there’s no hairy ones falling out of your mouth as you speak.

bbsmonk it has nothing to do with anyone’s profession, nor their views on the rights or wrongs of the acts of criminal damage that you so kindly shared with the forum. It is however offensive to most right thinking people to make a virtue of those who choose to break the law (criminal damage) or for that matter potentially incite others to undertake the same crime.

Your random ramblings do a disservice to those within the notobikeparkingfees movement. A group who I genuinely believe are committed to making their point through legal protest and the democratic process.

I feel certain that the organisers of that movement would not wish to be associated with any form of direct action that amounted to criminal damage, nor for that matter would they wish to be associated with someone who might choose to make a virtue of it.

Bascially, you’re still a total muppet.

Bbs you did expect that response that’s why you posted them up. You are a fool to think this is good for the campaign. As not only does it lead to heavy handed parking enforcement it also puts people off from being part of / associated with the campaign. However I do know that many people are working hard on legal ways of fighting this. There are a large number of freedom of information act questions that put this scheme into its true light however your post only serves to diStract people from that. Please think about this.
Don’t think this helps raise awareness as all people will see are the negative comments your post has attracted. I’d go so far as to say you are undermining the good work the campaign is doing by posting in this way.

i am not a principled supporter of NO campaign, please do not burden me with the image or fate of the whole protest, as far as i am concerned, riding protest in central london is just a fun ride out with a purpose(not just riding aimlessly round and round along some country road). Someone here said because of my posting he/she would not support the no protest, that only shows a muddled mind of no principles.

amusing to see all those cries against the so called vandalism(not to mention those barkings at me) without putting them in context. When a supposed democratic system fails to be responsive and reflect public interests/opinion, it is losing its legitimacy. The narrow and one-sided view of rule of law can only make the system less responsive and less legitimate, and make people be screwed by the system more easily. Legitimacy is a thing that needs to regenerat itself constantly. And citizens’ protests and actions are part of this democratic regeneration process.

it would be no problem for me if those outrage against vandal and crime to be equally directed at targets at higher level(white collar, high tech, bigger institutions), and elsewehere internationally. why few people has said anything against the vadalism and breach of law in Teheran?

Err… we don’t live/work in Tehran?
And why Tehran, there are plenty of other places in the world that need saving too.

Here’s an idea, why don’t you go on a life-long mission to save all of them - effective immediately. :wink:

PS. Don’t forget to pack your high heels. Get some target practice in! :w00t:


You’re just ignoring what’s being said. Defacing the signs is wrong, not least because the clean-up has to be paid for and no doubt they’ll take it from us somehow.

And it isn’t ‘Daily Mail’ types ‘up in arms’ here - It’s normal people getting the hump with ‘idiots’ defacing the signs.

FFS are these people so devoid of sense that instead of protesting and keeping the pressure on the council by lobbying they feel as if they have no option but to cause this damage? To put into context what happens when their local shop runs out of milk and polos? Do they smash the windows?

BBS I’ll be at the demo on Wednesday - by all means come and have a chat about all this - I’d love to explain why I think some aspects of this campaign reinforce the negative image of bikers in general and why instead it’s in everyones interests to support the campaign using legal and democratic methods.

indeed, Teheran is my next place to visit.

let’s start another thread to discuss why the pig head celebrity journalists of this countries standing among rioting protestors in Tehran to incite street violence and vadalism:D

macp, i’d like to talk to you on 1st July, but that is a bit difficult for me because i don’t know what you look like.

this is my last posting in this thread:D

bbsmonk (28/06/2009)

indeed, Teheran is my next place to visit.

let’s start another thread to discuss why the pig head celebrity journalists of this countries standing among rioting protestors in Tehran to incite street violence and vadalism:D[/quote

Let’s not…Or at least get someone who knows what they’re talking about to do it instead as you seem to be trying to compare chalk and cheese - The Teheran crisis is a million times more serious than this one, however if you want to go then please do…

BBS I’m on the right of this pic…

BBSMONK, that is the biggest load of crap I’ve heard yet! How do you go from bike parking to Tehran in one post? :blink:

I’ll say this for the last time… BORE OFF YOU F*CKIN’ OXYGEN THIEF!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe because this is a motorcycle forum, not a international politics discussion group?
You have again made assumptions about personal opinions & views hold by people you don’t know, and all of this based on these people being disappointed by bringing the community in a bad view by endorsing vandalism.

Can’t believe you did the deed yourself BBS- it would be beyond foolhardy to do that and post it up here, surely? Seems a weird thing to do anyway. Easy to clean those signs off and I’d guess very cheap to replace. ~Won’t stop us being charged through the nose for it though. Counterproductive tactics reminiscent of the alledged councillor harrassment earlier on in the NTBP campaign. Maybe whoever wielded the can should use it to draw a line and try not to cross it next time.