So anyone fancy coming to see a bike with me this Saturday in Chesham Buckinghamshire?

I’ve had a friend recommend these guys and I’ve fallen in love with this red fully faired 06’ SV650.

I’ve got it held and am going up Saturday to have a final look at it before purchase.

I’m not very experienced with what to look out for on used bikes, I am mechanically useless ha

If anyone with a bit of knowledge lives up that way or is keen to meet and ride there to have a look and give me a bit of advice it would be much appreciated.

Of course I won’t hold you liable if anything goes wrong with it, just want a bit of friendly advice :laugh::smiley:

In all honesty, if it does indeed have a full service history then an sv with one owner and 11k miles is nothing to worry about they are a good first big bike and reliable. We used them for the recall on dawns GSXR, good little shop.

Do a HPI check on it. but not on the Mobile as it doesn’t give cirtain Finance status’s on the Mobile version (log book loans etc), use the full PC version, Also do a Gov.UK MOT status check (or ask to see ALL of the previous MOT’s this will show the Mileage is correct) If there is a period where it doesn’t go up very much in comparision to other years ask why not. Also ask if it comes with a 3 month warranty, any shop worth its salt will give a 3 month warranty on a used bike as it shows they have checked it over and believe it to be sound.

Ask to see receipts for any work its had done & also check for tell tale signs it has been dropped i.e- Scuffed brake levers, bar end weights and crash bungs etc. Do a bit of research and see if the SV had any Recalls and ask if they have been done and if it did have any ask to see proof it’s been done and if not make sure it’s done prior to you collecting it. But like sean says, if it does indeed have full service history and only 11k Miles then it should be OK,

Sound advice, thanks Sam.

If the store says they’ve done a HPI check already and it’s clear should I still do it myself?

Hi Lauren,

Definitely do it.

Eughh my god, just got the licence plate number off them and it starts with LS - my initials! ha I’m such a girl.

Ask to see it…

I would only trust one thats been done already if it is within a set time frame (say around 2-3 weeks) as It may be an old one and it owes finance or it’s been stolen etc since then, They are only cheap and it’s worth it even if it comes back exactly the same as theirs

They’ve done it, in the last week, but I will do it again anyway.

ask to see it and if it is a full HPI check and it is within 1 week then i would accept it

A bike shop will never take a bike without HPIing it themselves as they will want to know what they are taking on, if they have done it then it will be fine and no need to spend £15 yourself - bike shops all have HPi trade accounts and they get the FULL HPI every time!

i’m up for a ride up to the bike shop with you. weather depending.

what time you had in mind?

All good advise

Its an 8 year old one previous owner from a dealer therefore on the basis that the dealer won’t be taking any risks I’d rely on the dealers HPI check, although its your money so your choice, nothing is cast in stone with these things.

Remove rose tinted glasses and look at it for what it is, an 8 year old work horse come play mate, ignore the colour, ignore the numbers.

Test ride and check for any undue vibrations, wobbles or handling issues, don’t just test ride it through the 30’s take it out onto the 40’s, 50’s and nationals. Ride it through the rev band, taking it up to the red line in the lower gears and up and down the gear box too. Listen out for any knocking or rattling sounds or for anything else it shouldn’t be doing. Get at least one ear up close to the engine on tick over and listen out for any rattlings or grumblings that shouldn’t be there.

Check the service book for previous service history, you want to see at least five or six service stamps spread over the life of the bike. Of particular interest is the date of the last stamp, if its getting to be near a year ago then it’ll be due an oil & filter change, you’ll want that doing when they check it through their workshop.

If it comes with a fresh 12 months MOT, assuming there are no advisories, you can assume the tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets etc have some serviceable life left in them but don’t just rely on the MOT. Check the tyres, brake pads, discs, chain and sprockets these are the serviceable items that add up to the cost of mo’cycling. Also check pivot points such as brake/clutch levers, brake pedal, side stand and the like, you’re looking for signs of light lubrication or greasing, little tell tales to the detailing of the previous servicing but not necessarily a major issue .

If all is well its offer time, £2,799 is the dealers price and gives them a little leeway for trade ins. Assuming you’re not trading in and you have cash in your purse I’d offer them £2,400 and expect to pay not a penny more than £2,500. OK so if its what you want, what you really really want then maybe go the extra yard or so, whatever you do don’t be to keen.

If any alarm bells ring or there is something your not entirely happy with WALK AWAY, no matter what the registration number is or how much you like the colour, your buying a mo’cycle not a reg plate or work or work of art.

If I were a gambling man I’d wager you’d be better off with an Alba in your corner when it came to making an offer :wink:

lol, No Nonsense!!

Well I’ve put a small deposit on it to hold it (which I can get back I’ve been told if i decide not to buy if it’s not in the advertised condition), I’ve had two other bikes in similar condition I’ve loved, gone to arrange to see them and they were sold a day before.

The other stock of SV’s out there at the moment is pretty sad to be honest, and I’ve had people on and off this forum tell me these guys are a decent dealer, which is a bit more comforting than buying from one no-one has used etc.

Though I’ve put a holding deposit on it, do you think I should still barter, I have the cash in hand to pay up front.

Definitely barter, they have priced it on the assumption that you will, so you would be a mug not to. they will have a bottom line which they wont go beneath unless the bike is very difficult to sell, but that line if way below asking price. I have NEVER paid a dealer asking price for a bike or a car. Art is spot on with his pricing I would say, and your deposit is only a holding deposit, it has nothing to do with the final price.

PS. not many buy bikes at this time of year, so you’re in the right position to negotiate. :slight_smile:

Ouch, by placing a deposit you’ve made some commitment to the asking price, subject to its superb condition.

I know, but it’s exactly what I want and I’ve lost two already that have sold in the last week =(