It is with a heavy heart that i have to tell you that i have decided leave Londonbikers.com

After a good chat with people closest to me, i felt it best that after all these years, i should hang up my gloves and walk away.
As to the reason - inconsolable differences have surfaced with other management and that’s all i’de like to say about that on here right now…

I have had an amazing time with the community of this site since 2005, some past, some present…and sadly…some not with us anymore.
The people i have met on here are some of the most fantastic people i have ever met and i feel so so lucky to have been as much a part of their lives
as much as they were a part of mine…(with some Pr1cks along the way…you know who you are)

My fond memories of this site will always be with me and those of you that have added me on facebook / Twitter will be more than welcome to stay
but i just wont be using this platform to arrange meetup/ rides ect. If your lucky enough to have my phone number then all the better as well as
regular meetup at Blackheath / Turpin…ect…the summer is brewing and we have some great riding ahead of us…I will be active on other platforms so riding is still deffo on the cards.

As for formality’s - No doubt my permissions will be revoked at some stage and as from the time of this posting, my account will be made redundant so any PM’s will not be read.

My account won’t be deleted, in the good ol spirit of LB but if you have any questions i will be more than happy to answer them via a social network such as facebook ect

So that’s it…ride safe out there and please keep it shiny side up…As a parting gift,
here’s a last look back at what LB once was …pretty much all not active anymore…this video has never been uploaded as i lost it in a HD crash…and glad i got to recover it.




WTF dude?

wtf, hope all is well and best off luck mate

You will have your reasons Shane, but would hope you still follow and post on LB.

btw - Looking at that video, who’s the numpty whose Gixer is parked in the middle of the road? Reckon admin should hunt him down and have some words :stuck_out_tongue:

Bye have fun m8:D

Just made my morning glory go reading this :frowning:

Why dude?

I was waiting for the punch lune but it never came =[


This is making my morning very shite indeed!

Anything some hugs and kisses can fix? I’m sure Hels will tip in too :smiley:

I dont get it but respect your wishes mate. hope you look in everynow and then if not return some time in the future

it’s only a forum sunshine, why don’t you just stop being a moderator and post as a regular pleb. there’s no need to flounce, your posts have never struck me as being those of a big girls blouse.

That’s a sad message. You can always change your mind?

I don’t get it. What’s going on?

I have to agree with some others, just drop the mod job and stay around!

I think the majority off us have or are capable of throwing our toys out of the pram once in a blue moon.:w00t:

I’m hoping Shane is having his go right now and in a week or two he’ll see the error of his ways and all will be rosé on here again.:smiley:

However, I do have my own suspicions that something’s not as it should be on here.:crazy:

Chin up. Hope to get on a ride out with you!!

C ya

Really sad that you feel that you have no other option than this. Your presence and humour will be sorely missed. Will keep in touch via FB and the Tea Hut though - next brew on me. Might even bring biccies!

Hadn’t noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we should have a mandatory punishment everytime someone throws the toys out the pram, but then reappears. Say a night of buying all the teas at the tea hut…

But yeah - hope Shane rethinks whatever has upset him.


Just remembered someone on the Alps trip having a proper paddy over a rude bar maid one lunch stop in Italy…and giving you, Paul and Pat a proper earful over it too! (I did buy the coffees though :smiley: )