Sorry to hear about it i really am, i could hear it in your voice, give me a shout when you are home and i will pop round for a cuppa, dont feel no way about asking if you need the bike recovered as its no prob mate.

wots happened??!

Gutted for you mate and the slingy :angry:

Gis a shout if there’s anything I can do

he hasnt crashed again has he?

Shane’s had an off… Slinger’s mullered :frowning:

Mend quickly brother… catch up later on.

Im afraid so, van pulled out on him, the slingshot is a write off, and shanes gota busted foot! :frowning:

What happened? You ok mate?

Shane noooooooooo, what are we gonna do with you huh, if there’s anything you need just shout, bed baths are out, I’ll leave that to ya missus.

Thought it was a bit optimistic for you to be doing this :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Just trying to be a bit light hearted.

Oh F&ck no:angry:

Sorry to hear about your off pal. Not the Slinger:doze:

You are determined to get the title back off Frogga aint ya?:wink:

:pinch: Poor you & that lovely bike :(x

Really sorry to hear this Shane. Get well soon, hope you can repair the slinger.

Get well soon mate - heal soon

Ah dude, that is such rotten luck :crying:

Get well soon Shane - hope you’re on the mend asap…

Gutted for you hun - but as Ang isn’t being that helpful, I’ll happily do the bed baths.

heal quickly hun :kiss:

She’s seen what’s beneath those leathers :w00t:

Gutted to hear this. :frowning:


Mend quickly bruv :wink:

You got mail :stuck_out_tongue:

Blimey … sorry to hear about this matey, I’m away for a few days until Thursday, if you need anything at all then give me a shout, you have my number.

Oh mate, poor you!, hope your not in too much pain mate, let me know if you want a virtual cuppa, x

shane mate only just read this

sorry to hear mate if you need anything give me a shout