bummer…get well soon and sorry to hear about the bike…

Poor you! Guess it could have been worse, sorry about the Slinger thou :frowning:

Get well soon x

get well soon mate :slight_smile:

Just read this Shane …why the hell is it always you eh? please let me know, along with the other offers, if theres anything i can do? me yeh? Will come round and bring you a pressy…(“How to drive my van” by M.Oron)…(sorry, just trying ta make ya larf mate !!)

Oh Shaney Shane Shane…feel for you…

Sorry to hear this, get well soon :slight_smile:

Shiiiiit not again mate :crazy:
Get well soon.

What a shame. Get well soon.

Oh mate! No way! Gutted for you… Hope things sort themselves out quickly :frowning:

Shane mate just seen this sorry to hear, call me if there is anything i can do.

F. Me matey, what’s happening!

Sorry to hear this mate, hope the foot isnt too busted, get well soon. Hope the slingy isnt a write off!

oh sh*t dude. cant have our tea boy for the Brands on 1st incapacitated!

GWS mate, give us an update on the damage to you and the bike when you can

RIGHT! I am bloody well bringing that bubble wrap round for you now. I knew I should have done it the last time!

Sorry to hear this Shane, I’ll email you the pic of Slinger from Friday night.

Big hugs
Lusty xxx

Opppppppppps Shane, just when you got the bike back on the road.

Hope your not too bad, see you soon


hello everyone…im in bits at the moment…trying to stop my chin from wobbleing every 5 mins…im ok other than my foot being broken…but that is only half the pain i feel right now…

a van driver changed lanes then deciced to nip into a petrol station from the other lane…course…i was beside him when he swung over…he clouted me and i flew off the bike…hitting the curb and rolling everywere till i hit a stationary post and stopped…my bike hit the same bit of high curb and mullerd herself…she’s being recoverd right now…so i’ll see the damage more clearley.

thankyou for all the well wishes on here and on the phone…im trying to keep a stiff upper lip as i think about all the hard work ive put into the slingshot…

she deserved soo much more than this and its breaking my heart…

ive sworn to never get rid of her as she’s my dream bike…so i guess im just gonna have to go back to square one again…i just want her home…

i’ll chat more when ive sorted my head out…sorry for being so vacant…


I realy feel for you mate.

Hope the foot heals quickly and that the slinger aint as bad as it could be.


I told you you couldn’t be trusted with something sooooooo beautiful dude :Whistling:

Seriously though buddy - could’ve been soooo much worse with that ol’ " stationary post " so just count yer lucky stars you are able to tell us about it ( even if it is through tears of sadness :wink: )

Be good buddy and give me a shout when you feel like it :cool:

So sorry to hear about this dude, if you need anything then let me know

Biggest shame is that the insurance payout is not gonna be even close to the blood sweat and tears you put into the slingshot… bloody vans…

GWS mate.

I’m really sorry to hear about the off :frowning:

Looking forward to seeing you on the confidence rideout, so get the foot sorted out! :wink:

Shitty news mate, get well soon. Hope the bike isn’t a “back to square one” job.

oh dude…

hope you recover quickly, and get the slingshot looking brand new again:)