Smelly Helmet

After it rains I get a smelly lid - it smells oribble and damp and makes me feel sick.

I dry the lining out but as soon as it gets damp i go back smelling like wet flannel.

Sorry but the title of this thread is just asking for trouble!

Got to be honest, when i read it i though ‘surely that should be in the adult section?’

Isn’t yours a flash one with removable lining you could wash?

Otherwise maybe cotton wool up the hooter



But by spray stuff into the lid make it deteriorate?

I don’t think Febreeze is corrosive and I’ve done it for years. I don’t soak the lining, but a couple of quick blasts with the visor open and it’s good for months.

I found any kind of airfreshner to be too strong and distracted me. Never mind the hallucinations

I never imagined Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Haze to be hallucinigenic - but thanks for the tip

I’d go to the doctors if I were you.


Evenif the lining doesn’t come out you can still wash it with baby shampoo, I have in the past, then just leave it in the airing cupboard for a few days to dry out.

From Arai:

  1. Is it possible to clean the comfort material?

The interior parts of an Arai helmet are also described as ‘comfort material’. The removable parts may be washed in lukewarm water and appropriate mild soap. But also helmets with a fixed interior may be cleaned. Use a moist sponge also with lukewarm and soap. After cleaning remove the soap with a clean, moist sponge. Let the helmet dry upside down to allow the remaining water to escape through the ventilation holes. Let dry in room temperature, never near stoves or other heating appliances as a too high temperture will damage the inner liner material. TBH I would rarther do that than put any sort of air freshener in it

Lou, got some spray in lid cleaner which I use once a month; its foaming - you spray on, it foams up and cleans the lining and you just wipe it out. Leave the lid overnight to dry and its clean and smells lovely. Will get the name of it tonight and PM you.

Would car uphostery foam cleaner be the same?

Trigger, I tried soap and water and it does diddly-poop for me.

Any kind of fabric freshner should do the job (ASDA’s own for me). Spray it on, air it out (I soap and water it first, using a bacteria-killing wash). Good idea to have a spare lid…

Sincere, maybe it’s because you have lots of hair? I’m a bit of a skin-heid and it’s still, um, aromatic.

all the innerds come out of mine - they just go in the wash then the dryer overnight - all toastie on a cold morning then… but on the old lid I just used to use freebreeze - worked well enough.


thanks Guys for some crackin tips!

I now have smelly helmet hair which is going to be washed as soon as i get in tonight

Latex, smell helmets, this place isn’t what is used to be

I am really surprised Flatout hasn’t joined in on this thread…

You could always buy a new lid.