Smelly Helmet

Try wiping the cheese off…

if that fails, try Shift-It Helmet Sanitizer… does same thing as mentioned earlier, i.e. foams up… you can wipe it out, but i leave mine to soak in. Leaves it nice and clean. It’s got a strange smell to it, though much better than the smell that helmets form over time. I think there are some others that are ‘scented’.

Try Hein Gericke for the stuff…help Da Artist?

Although, my mate leaves a little extra hair conditioner in his hair after shampooing, and he swears that leaves the lid nice and fresh smelling… if you’ve met me i obviously don’t need to do this


For a cheap, natural alternative, baking soda left overnight will remove any bad smells… use a nozzle hover to remove when finished…

put a couple of mice into the helmet,

they will get rid of the cheese.

Get some lenor or comfort clothing air fresheners (which normally hang in the cupboard) and place your helmet on it, the next time you use it, is will smell comfort soft!

Works for me anyway.

Maybe i was it too much as my helmet never gets smelly.

you could ask Joe, I get told he’s got a smelly helmet

You may find washing your bits may help!!!

Da Artist Helpin, this is what I do & use I keep my helmet as clean as I keep my bike so she gets cleaned twice a week

I only use SHIFT-IT products
Shift-It Cloth
Shift-It Visor Cleaner
Shift-It Anti Fog
Shift-It Helmet polish
Shift-It Helmet sanitizer

Use the visor cleaner on the inside and outside of your visor (Blue Bottle)
Use the anti fog spray (Pink Bottle) on the inside of your visor, spray da whole visor and rub it in until the pink liquid has vanished
Use Shift-It Visor cleaner or water and wash the outside of your lid before applying Shift-It helmet polish
and Last but not least use Shift-it helmet sanitizer on the inside weather you take out the cheek pads and crown depends on how lazy you are either way you’ll have one very polished helmet

Oh and a buff or EDZ cap is great for keeping your hair spray/sweat off your helmet and on your heads.

P.S. If you must wash your cheek pads & crown luke warm water and baby shampoo is the way to go, I like the smell of Johnson’s & Johnson’s


And our survey said: LATEX!


Baby shampoo to clean ya smelly helmet…Sounds good to me,& rub a bit of baby oil in afterwards Oh yessssssssssss!!!

Makes ya hair fall out though don’t it Taz

Makes ya go blind as well Grim…lol


It’s what happens after washing my helmet with baby shampoo & the way the baby oil is applied to my helmet ,that can cause blindness