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Slan is a YouTube Hit!!!!!!!

Can’t we all just get spray tans and get along?:joy:
Fat Kat, the Daytona is on a bench for some repairs (gasket needs replacing on the timing case) should have it back on the road next week😊
@DaytonaDays if you’re free tomorrow you should join our TOWiE tour ride out; some nice twisties and good fun

@Slan, I don’t mean to cause a ruckus! Just felt the [email protected] comment was a bit strong! Sounds good, where, when, what? With the Towie trip?

All the details are under the “ride outs” sub section and the threads called “towie tour 9/8” or something like that. Official meeting point is the beech hut in Epping forest at 9.30am. I’m meeting a few people at the roundabout near Thurrock services😊

@ Slan Looks like a good blast! Would it be cool to meet you on said roundabout? If so what time? :slight_smile:

MEET MEET! God damn it!

ummmm Vlogging… we love that at LB! XD!

Where’s Rusty with a proper head shake?

The [email protected] comment was aimed at Vloggers in general, My opinion on them is very low. You are more than welcome to come along tomorrow, But the meeting is not at the roundabout anymore, its at the Services at Thurrock, in the petrol station at 09:00, But i would ask you not to vlog the ride if thats OK? There are a few people (myself included)that would take exeption to their bikes (And Number Plates) being plastered all over You Tube for the world to see. Also, I would ask that there will be no rev bombing or pavement mounting no matter how much it is asked for :slight_smile:

Oh yes, and if you like Orange Bikes…In the words of the Joker…“Wait till you get a Load of me!!!”

No problem at all buddy, I won’t record anyone or Rev bomb :slight_smile: What bike are you on? As I won’t know anyone!

Look out for the 2 Bright orange Bikes in the Petrol station from 9am onwards, That’ll be me and Slan, Mines a Fireblade her’s is the ZX6R in your Video. And if James is also meeting us there too, he is on “The Beast” a very loud KTM 1290 SuperDuke

No worries, look forward to it! see you then

the thing is… if you are going to put stuff on youtube, then you gotta be ready for all sorts of comments, otherwise, do not make it public, simples. Welcome to LB

Vlog of an Alba led ride😢

A vlog of alba won’t be very long if you have to edit out the swearing

DaytonaDays you need to be a bit more careful who you decide to undertake and ride like a cunt around.

^^^ A wise biker right there…

Your bike sounds great DD! Good skills too. Please do not include any accidental wheelies if making clip from today’s ride :wink:

we met the vlogger. good lad. sorry our rides dont usually end up that way, hope we didnt scare you :smiley:

Ooof easy on the c-bomb TDJ

Love our opinionated riders. I’m always in trouble for mine! But play nice boys. :sunglasses:

so I bumped up the kerb (or pavement) to get in a safer position
Where’s Rusty with a proper head shake?

Really, where is that in the highway code ?
We say how we see it, would suggest some IAM training for starters.