Slan is a YouTube Hit!!!!!!!

Some Vlogger [email protected] who clearly thinks he does Nothing wrong when all around him are making huge Mistakes managed to Catch our Very own Slan on his commute, I think he was a Little bit Smitten with her too lol.

Check it from 1:25 to see Ruth but watch the whole thing for a laugh

Love the part when he realises its A Girl “Man that’s Good Looking”…" That is a nice bike"…“Is That a Chick???” lol,

Also loving how Ruth has joined in with the Colour Scheme :slight_smile:

The Futures Bright, The Futures Orange!!!

LOL!! My street cred is ruined! At least I was behaving myself…:grin:
I’m disappointed that you can’t see my brand new perky bodacious ta ta’s on this vid either!
He was a nice enough lad to talk to but Yeh, I dont vlog for the very reason I don’t want viral evidence of my immaculate riding…

Orange looks good on you :slight_smile:

LOL that was hilarious! :smiley:

Only decent bit of his video, might do the roll call tomorrow just to change Ruth to MarmaSlan.

I want to keep my Drift as a independent witness in town but sometimes the thought of being mistaken for one of these idiots makes me want to reconsider.

No no no brains this is defiantly a ginger minge


Funny as fuk
And she didn’t domino


That sounds like the Baron ?

Jolly entertaining. More please.

And just for me, what software did you use for editting that?

It wasnt mine, it was off youtube.

Linked this thread to his video. Hopefully he pops up.

Haha orange doesn’t look good on anyone!
And it’s a flaming ginger minge Nick :grin:
Don’t worry wise, I’m saving my dominoes A game for tomorrows ride…:smirk:

Wheres the Daytona?! I’m biased, but the P7F/P8F ZX6R has got to be one of the best looking sports bikes.

Sooooooo… a nice chap called James said I should pop along to this biker community. Sorry you think my riding style is poor Marmablade, thankfully your riding must be so perfect that it makes up for the rest of us :+1:t3: Other than that thanks to everyone who viewed the video and subscribed to my channel :v:t3:

My riding is certainly not one that bumps up pavements and rev bombs children whilst moaning about all the “Mistakes” everyone around me Makes, you need to be whiter than white when slagging off other road users, and unfortunately your video doesn’t give off that vibe. It’s one of the reasons lots of people hate Vloggers, very self riocheous people, you should concentrate more on the road rather than talking to yourself and then mabe you wouldn’t get in so many “Near Misses” as you will see the manouvre the car is going to do a lot sooner :slight_smile: But if that sort of thing floats your Boat then carry on, i’m pretty sure my Opinion isn’t really that important to anyone anyway lol

OMG, What have I started? :slight_smile:

So just for clarity… The Transit out of shot next to the white Mercedes closed the gap behind me, so I bumped up the kerb (or pavement) to get in a safer position. I saw the SAAB was going to come across me (as you’ll hear me let off the throttle quite early on purpose). I never have claimed they were “near misses” and finally the kids were asking me to rev the bike. Yes lots of people probably hate vloggers, but a lot of people enjoy seeing other peoples riding experiences. Your opinion is also important because you’re a fellow biker, but you’re right it’s an opinion and everyone has one. I just don’t like being called a [email protected] when we’ve never met and I try to be pretty humble and polite to everyone I meet as I was with Slan. Let’s start afresh…