Silverstone GP Monday 31st march Hottrax

just booked up for another - GP for 89 quid was just too tempting, and it gives Jonesy a chance to kick my ass on track.

Jonesy, Ninjagirl and me booked up. If anyone else has booked, or fancies it post up!


What what what? More like the bigger track gives you a chance on that point and squirt machine! :wink: :hehe:

haha, living off past glories eh? that clip is over a year ago! i was defo slow back then, I didn’t even stay with you through druids :blush:

getting up to speed maybe, getting it stopped and turned could be another story…

I think I will book up for this one

Get on it then! :stuck_out_tongue:

And the difference now would be? :hehe:

now i’m a ‘brands specialist’ according to you :wink:

ah that’s right… therefore i’m looking forward to Silverstone :stuck_out_tongue:

at least you’ll get some nice footage of razzing past! :smiley:

i would love to do this but just cant find three weekends what with brands, france and then silverstone…or could I hmmm…highly tempting and would love to learn some more stuff from all you guys…

I’m booked for Silverhoon on the 31st along with about a dozen or so from the ZX10R forum ( )

Fridayman and Ness are also doing it from here :wink:

I , being a " slow fecker " ( and it only being my second TD ) am gonna be in Novices on my Corona Gixxer K5 and I think Fridayman and Ness are in Inters

A few club racers are booked in as well as far as I know :wink:

See ya there :cool:

this marks the first trackday of the year for many riders…

should be a good 'un

ooh now your tempting me ZX10 forum will be there so i should be too with me new zx10

Are you getting a new ZX-10 then?;):smiley:

ah chunks didnt I tell you…getting a New zx 10 on thursday…even got the new number now…likely I will pick it up on wednesday and then leave it in the garage for them to use to for the launch day…for a few freebies of course…

Stroker , just seen your registration on - good reference site for you buddy - you booking up Silvers or not ?? Would be good to see the 10R out on track buddy :wink:

Don’t let 'em fob you off with rim tape ;):smiley:

Yes think I am likely to make that one too…would be good to be out with a few more zx10r’s…lady not overly happy and kids will be a bit mad but it is march…mad as a march hair and all that…

Happy 2008. Long time no post.
I’m in on this one!! Can’t wait. See you there.

yep I am booked and looks like I might just have a new exhaust as well…