Silly English place names.

4 Corfe Close. Brilliant. :w00t:

4 Corfe…really!?

Cockermouth always made me chuckle … and always tempting to say “in” half way through it

We have Ugley and Nasty not far away:D

Peover and Little Peover in staffordshire always had me laughing…still does…

I couldn’t resist seeing what else I could find … and I don’t care if it’s as immature as looking up rude words in the dictionary … A couple of tw*ts … surprisingly close to each other … A pair of bellends … similarly not far apart …I encourage anyone else to see what they can come up with :smiley:

Oh I’ve just remembered another :smiley:

There is a “Lower” and an “Upper” part of town … you’d have to think twice before buying a house Upper Ramsbottom though surely!?!

In Eastbourne there’s an Upper and Lower Dicker.

Round here we have Pratts Bottom and Badgers Mount

There’s also:

Dumpton (Kent)Booby Dingle (Herefordshire)North Piddle (Worcester)




both in Yorkshire

might not find on a map but Frogs Bottom and Plucks Gutter near Canterbury

Willey in Shropshire near Telford :stuck_out_tongue:

The roadsigns used to go missing every other month as immature folk like ourselves found them so funny they used to steal em :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got to add “Shoot Up Lane leadings to Bunks Hill”, Kent, as my favourite after (now long gone) “British Waterways, Bow Locks”.

The latter was huge. (As signs go.)

The States has it’s fair share of weird place names too… remember the Jackass piece in Mianus (oo-er) ?

And the German town called F*cking. They keep losing roadsigns too, but only to Brits.

I was going to say that!! I raced nr there at a kart track called Rowrah

There’s a town called Muff in Ireland.

…and yes, they have a diving club :w00t:

PMSL this is a top post. :smiley: Well done

Really nice town, and not just because of the Jennings Brewery. :wink:

There’s a small village in Dorset called Sh **** itterton, and near Wolverhampton there’s a place called Lickey End :smiley: