Sidi or Alpinestar ???

Hi boys and girls.

I will be buying new boots and don’t know yet which i should choose.
So any advice will be helpful :whistling: my types are Alpinestar SMX-R or Sidi Vertigo.




I’ve just bought a pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsas as I found them to be the most comfortable boots i’ve tried as there is lots of clicky adjusting thingies to adjust the fit of the calf and the instep.The Gaernes I had before cripple my feet as I have a wide fitting and chunky calfs but the Sidi’s fit like the preverbial glove:)

One word of warning, try them on, leave the shop, research the prices online and then go back to the shop and haggle. Don’t do what I did and find them £30 cheaper from the same firm online afterwards:angry:edit: The Gaernes I have, now worn in, dig into the side of my foot where the toe slider attatches… a common fault with them i hear

Ive had 2 pairs of Alpinestar boots in 12 months and both crap quality, i wear Hein Gerrick and so far so good. Id go for Sidi mate.

I have Sidi’s and Alpine Stars and much prefer the Apline Stars. I find tghe sole on the sidi’s is slippery and wears quickly.

I get the feeling you will not find an answer here. Its a bit like the never ending Arai/Shoei or Beatles/Elvis debate.

You need to try them all on for yourself as they all feel and fit differently.

I was told A Stars would be better for wide feet and calfs but came away with Sidi’s so who knows till you get them on.:slight_smile:

You might be right mate :Whistling: but lets see how it goes …

Daytona :slight_smile:

Daytona’s so comfy;like wearing your best slippers

And look like your dad’s wellies;):smiley:

They don’t look stylish :Whistling: but hey everybody likes something else :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got the A’Stars SMX Plus boots.

I think they’re a great bit of kit for summer riding (they get very wet in the rain!). I’ve found them to be very comfortable and good quality. They also fit my wide calves well. My only grumble is… they squeak like ****! :slight_smile:

I had the same problem with my S-MX :Whistling:

Oi Cheeky Chunky Monkey:D My Roadstars look just fine and dandy,just because they’re not covered in acres of plastic.Although I did have a pair of the old Black and Purple Alpinestars,much to the wife’s disgust!!

I can’t wear RoadStars cos I’m alergic to Gor-Tex… It would be one less excuse for not riding in the rain…lol:P:D:D

I have a pair of A’Stars SMX-4 WP boots at the moment and although they have been comfortable and well fitting, I am also trying to decide between the same models. I’m particularly interested in the extra adjustment on the Sidi’s.

With our weather have you considered if you would go for the Sidi Vertigo Corsa or the Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air models ?

On my Alpinestars the inner boot laces broke on both. Quality like most of the stuff isn’t great but the boots are comfy. Tried the sidis but didn’t like the feel. Quality is probably better. Try them both comfort is most of it. Also have a look at the Oxtar range and if you’re in the budget them Pumas and Gaerne’s are worth a look.

In less than 12 months, my Sidi Vertigo Corsas had the soles worn so much now that they slide off my footpegs (and I don’t walk in em far), I’ve had to replace the red air vent adjusters and screws for the ankle protection twice, and now the sole is coming away from the boot and has been superglued twice. All this for boots which cost me £220 :crazy:

Crap build quality…Avoid

The soles on my Daytona Winner’s wore through after 9 years (& a few tumbles), I could send them back for a re-sole & refurb (approx £100), but at 45 they were actually a size too big, so I bought a pair of 44s instead.

The Road Star GTX’s that I’ve been using every winter since I bought them at the NEC show in 1995, are still waterproof & still have plenty of life in them.

Guess, this is what happens when you buy something made by skilled workers in Germany rather than 7 year olds in a sweatshop in Burma… :Whistling:

They may not be as fashionable as the A’stars/sidis etc. but my main criteria in buying boots are protection, comfort & quality, rather than looks - obviously other people have different priorities.

OK, maybe I’m a sentimental old fart, but after 46 years together I’ve become rather attached to my feet. They may not be very pretty & god knows they’ve been known to whiff a bit from time to time, but I’m sort of looking forward to us growing old together, me putting them up & having a nice cup of tea & them running me down to the shops for tins of soup & biscuits.

Consequently, like in all successful relationships, I know that to achieve this I need to lavish a bit of attention & money on them to make them feel special, keep them happy & us together, cos after all this time I really don’t want to go through a seperation, 'cos I just know it’s gonna be messy… :smiley:

Mate, undo the little screw that attachs the slider. I had that problem originally but just undoing that screw a tiny amount backs of the point where it stabs into your foot. And if you’ve got wide fit feet like my hobbit plates, just remove the inner sole bit. The one wide foot boot now really STINKs, but so what they’re either in the outdoor gear cupboard which all stinks or they’re on my feet and you can’t smell em so what do I care… :slight_smile:

Done the screw bit mate. Even the manager lady of Infinity said her partner struggled with his Gaernes too… He got Sidi’s now and nix problemo:cool: