Side-car Racing: One for you Matt!!!

Matt, I said that side-car racing was crazy sh1t!!!



It doesn’t bear worth thinking about… Talk about putting your knackers on the line!


Blimey - bet thats hard work keeping everything out of harms way…

Why oh why oh why!

westfazer racing…

Flats just come out of the closet you know you want too!

you looked good together last night, not mentioning the same “gay light” set up on your bikes

i heard thats how the community recognise each other around town

Listen cammie knickers simon!, just come out love, im not gonna be around for ever!, im a busy guy cant keep hanging around! ha ha pmsl.

eer, nothing gay about my fairy lights!!!, a touch of class darling!

I think the socks really punctuate the outfit for me!


he went quiet after that comment!!!

listen you, you will never drop anchor in my poo bay ok!!!

enough said go sail elsewhere sailor boy

christ you have to find it first!!!, no worries there, your too scrawny for me, and that description is far too graphic!!!

who the **** are you publicly calling scrawny… Thats coming from Arnold Schwarzenegger body double




i`ll take the one on the left!!! ha ha xxx

Are you sure that would look hideous against that purple spangley sequined purple leotard that you wear to the “special” clubs and pubs

i really wouldnt knnow? you obviously have an eye for these outfits!!!, my leotard beats your diamonte jeweled thong anyday love!!! pmsl!! just remember to shave your bikini line next time!!!

“diamonte jeweled thong”

HHHHHHHMMMMM with the diamonds on innnnnnside…