Should i or shouldn't i get rid of my bike?????

i do love my bike but im torn wether 2 get rid of it or not, thing is i dont think i can afford a new bike at the mo, but then again its out of the warranty period soon and i dont think i’m gonna be able to realisticly keep it with the amount of problems i’ve had with it

You looked such a natural in that VW I saw you in last night…Not like a biker at all;):smiley:

It does seem like you have had your fair share of gremlins with that bike mate. Maybe you ride it too much?;):D:D

likewise so did you in your minicab :smiley:

Haha ya cheeky fugger:D

When’s the warranty run out?

june 16 i think but gonna check for definite, cant remember if it was just the year or 2?? :doze:

Think its time to leave the oddball cylinder count to the chunks of this world matey, become a sensible biker in the pipe n slippers brigade and get yourself a 'BIRD makes sense :):stuck_out_tongue:

hey Curtis,

can’t really see the point of having anything that gives so much trouble mate.

can imagine the joy if its a vintage bike and you work on it yourself BUT a new bike as unreliable as yours can’t be fun.

Go Jap mate, you know it makes sense.

dude…having read a couple of ur post about the trouble that bike gives you…i would get rid of it and cut my losess, i was in a similar situaion with a car i got attached to (my 1st lol) wher everytime something went wrong i said…“now ive fixed this everythings gonna be alrite now”…and then something else went…and then another thing…i saw at least a grand go down the drain in the space of 10 months when really should have just got rid of it when i had the chance! wat bike would u wanna get after this one?

i aint got a clue what i want, im gonna have to have a weekend of testrides i think, anyone know of any good bike shops that have more than one manufacturer under their roof???

dude just sell this one or part exhange it and get new 675. warranty problem sorted. they do 0% deals for them aswell if you ahven’t got enough money :slight_smile:

No way!!!

How much you want for it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice bike Curtis, that’s not in doubt but I’d not struggle on with something that’s given you so much trouble.

My Kwak may not be to everybody’s taste but it’s done 13,000 miles in 8 months, about 6 track days, gets hammered all the time and the only thing that’s needed to be done is a new set of discs on the front under warranty because they warped.

Try a few bikes and see what you like, maybe a gixer 750 :wink:

hmmm how about people let me test ride there’s :smiley: right, i can have your kwak for a day steve

look like a decision more difficult to make than a divorce, esp. when you get used to the other half, no matter how problematic she/he is, still a very tough decision:)

This is a tough one… agree with bbmonk - harder than divorce…

I think Arnie is on the right track - part x it, get a 0% finance deal on a new one and see how you go with that one…

I agree as well that if you pay 8k for a bike it should bloody work! I’ve not worked in a factory so im not sure how a bike (just the one) would be so unreliable when others are fine, but it might be a batch…its a random one though…

Curtis why not try the 1098 and move over to the darkside?

With your luck mate, no way :smiley: You’d turn my bike into a rolling break down zone :w00t:

Seriously, you’re welcome to a quick go sometime or have a chat with Paul at The Bike Pavilion in Letchworth, he’s got a ZX6 on demo and is pretty happy about demo rides.

i’d get rid of that dog… and not risk my money again…

go with what arnie says curt. chop it in and 0% finance the rest. stilll not had one prob with mine(touch wood) and you know ya love the 675.:wink:

I know exactly how you feel. The past 6 months have been god-awful for me. 2 Jap bikes, both in the garage. One was in an accident, the other has a leaky sump. I’m so pig sick of something that should be enjoyable but isn’t and is costing money the whole time.