Should i or shouldn't i get rid of my bike?????

chop it in and get an R6 on 0%!!!:smiley:

I know a few people that have had major problems with a 675. Not worth it; according to the reviews its pretty good but whatever you gain in motor flexibility you lose out to other 600s in other areas; mainly handling…the CBR6 and ZX6 seem to be coming out top at the moment.
Even if they weren’t, at least they work all of the time instead of when they feel like it.

Once the 675 i’ll swap for the day, but I don’t think that you are after a CBF500 :wink:

Lloyd Cooper just up the road from me now is a Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki dealer. If you want to stop by for a cuppa just PM me.

“One thing you learn from history is that no one ever learns from history.” Can’t remember who said that, but…

I sort of learned from a car that was a dog. Spent £’s lots and hours lots on it while my old man kept says…

Out it. Get rid of it. Cash it in.

If it’s been a pain in the nethers in the first couple of years, it’s likely to go on being that for thew rest of it’s life. Not all things improve with age.

The concensus seems to be cash it in. I’d take the advice.

That’s an excellent idea Steve, mines coming up for 10 years old next year and I’ve never had a days trouble from it. Adz has just serviced and Mot’d her and was very complimentary about the condition she’s in. :smiley:

Not even a slight problem with the speedo ? ;):smiley:

walk away fella. been in this position with cars in the past.

no fun in flipping a coin to see if you’ll be able to ride

Oh bugger, OK I’ll let you have that one… :ermm:

Get rid ASAP.

Part ex for a new CBR 600 RR

Anyone out there who thinks it should be kept?

Ask Sammo what he thinks of 675’s:crying:

Sack it PDQ;)

Got a flat battery on my 955i, think I`ll sell it and get a scooter.

Get rid, but maybe get another new one. To be honest I would not get a jap 600 - you definitely wont like it after the 675, no enough low down compared to the 675, you will be disappointed. Get yerself a K4 GSXR 750, you could probably part ex your 675 and have some change? Or a 749, although that might be frying pan into the fire… :slight_smile:


tis odd tho curtis, arnie seems to have very little problems with his, and he gives it some stick!!

i rekon CBR6-RR or a twin, love 749s in yellow:D

have you actually ridden a 675, an r6 and a 749 then fella? :wink:

fyi 675 has 71 NM torque, r6 has 69.1 NM. changing the gearing on the r6 will give it more road punch anyway

i strongly doubt that the new r6 would be ‘disappointing’ tbh. if you do chop it Curtis, you’re best to get a few test rides going and decide what you like for yourself

After the weekend we had at Donington with Sammo I don’t want to see another 675. Again it let us down!

Road riders don’t seem to fare much better either from what I’ve seen, a shame really as it handles so well and is fun to ride.

He washes and dries it every time he uses it and it lives in his lounge in the warm indoors ! He treats it better than his girlfriend . . . no wonder it’s running fine ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Have ridden the 675 and the CBR600RR (not sure if the 01 ZX6R counts… :wink: ) and the 749 (but that was only a quick raz), so almost :wink: just found the 600’s pretty buzzy compared to the immediate grunt of the 675, Peak torque might be higher, but lower down the rev range, I havent got the graphs to hand, but that is where I am saying there is a difference. The r6 is a mental bike and I would chew off my grandma’s arm if someone was to give it to me, but just think that jumping from a 675 to it might give a dissapointing impression if you were used to the low down torque, but if one stuck past that then eventually you would have a hoot on the r6.

lucky for your gran that no one is offering then eh? ;)as it happens I actually found my 748 slightly disappointing initially in power terms after my 04’ r6. it pulled from lower but the lazier style and lack of revs was odd to start with it. found the 749 an absolute pig to ride personally due to the odd tank shape and was relieved to give it back to the dealership.having less grunt and having to more actively ride the bike can be more fun (not to mention actually having to change gear!)its all personal tho. if you want the bike enough, all the rational stuff doesn’t seem to matter!

+1 for the Gixxer 750.

Did you see the 24 hour endurance test in Bike mag some time ago between the Gixxer 750 and the 675?

The 675 didn’t quite last the 24 hours…Actually it blew up nearer the 8 hour mark I think :frowning: