Should i have the Orange one or the Blue one?

What do you recon for my new company car!?




Blue one looks sportier


Such a HONDA colour no??? :wink:

I agree - go for sporty blue! (Although I’m guessing there’s more to this decision making process than just the colour?)


i’m not biased…honest:D

Id go for the Blue too - nice moulded wings! :slight_smile:

Blue for Britain, orange for Africa.

No way the blue!!!

Get the big orange beast. Far more of a tractor. It’s going to be brown once you start using it, anyway.

get the orange and some matching wellies


Could well be the blue one then!

oh god…dont let Hofty see them!:w00t:

I want a go!!! i lurve tractors!!!:w00t: got to be the blue one its oober smart:D

Saw a very agricultural looking chap in Herne Hill this morning. Tan cords, tatty old green barbour, green wellies and some ancient lid. Astride an unidentifiable honda with the tired look of many, many years of use.

Indicated every time he filtered. Must have milked the cows early; he was in no rush.

orange every time!

Got to be blue

Would take ages to dig a hole with the Blue one :stuck_out_tongue:

ratty look on gear4offroad ktm do everything from dummys to toasters:w00t:

i’d say blue even tho i’m a orange man;)


Yeh, I keep asking my mate with a Husqy why he’s got a bike from a sewing machine mftr :smiley:

And I was quite surprised when I was staying in a hotel in Japan with a Yamaha toilet:w00t:

husky even make guns:w00t: