Should i have the Orange one or the Blue one?

Ta for that. I’ll remember not to take the pee out of my husky-riding mate any more

I don’t care as long as you don’t bring it home :stuck_out_tongue:

Would make a great bike lift though!!

The front loader on the orange one looks really cheap and nasty. What else have they cut corners on?

(Aint letting either on to one of my sites. Where’s the back hoe and spare buckets?)

Don’t buy a blue one OR an orange one !!! Buy a green one with Fendt written on it :wink:

Like this…:slight_smile:



Nah it would be like buying a GS!!

My choice would have to be the Kubota… good unit at a cheap price

There is way too much interest in this thread, please stop humouring him…you don’t have to live with him :rolleyes:

Spoil sport.

This is a serious big boys toys area. Banter is essential as we are all jealous.

Hmm now it could be red??? :w00t:



How about this little monster – I think they only come in green? :slight_smile: