Guys…it is with deep regret that this rideout is taking place at all…but it is for a fellow biker, a young girl who sadly passed away on the 15th Sept after a battle with cancer.Sheree Paffey was someone who I have known from birth, i am a good friend of her mother and father and have known her brothers one from a toddler the other from birth again.

I lost touch when they moved away and about 3 months ago we found each other again after many years. I expected to hear of all the wonderful things they had all got up to and apart from the boys having had children etc…I was told about poor Sheree and her illness.

If you know this young woman, you will know that she was full of life, such a joy to know, was no loud mouthed know it all, but a fine, well educated and held down a highly rated job within the banking world…she had many, many friends all of whom loved her a lot…and it showed at her funeral last Friday the 25th Sept, when many of them from family,from uni, from her work, from anyone that knew her all turned up to say their goodbyes.

Sheree loved her bikes, and the one thing she always wanted was to go on a rideout with her brother Kevin. Something she didnt get round to doing, as her illness took hold quickly and she was unable to ride anymore…

I know there are many of us bikers that have lost loved ones either by this horrible disease, or by accidents and i would love to ask you to please…make a young girls wish…even though she is no longer here on earth with us, come true and let her family take some comfort in knowing that we, as bikers understand and know what it will mean to turn up for this rideout for a few hours to pay respect to another biker…and hope shes looking down on us and giving us that HUGE smile she always had, even when she was so ill, and that lightened your day to see…i will miss this “little one” as she was known for the rest of my life…you had to know her to know what i mean…but im sure, whoever you have lost in whatever way…you will know what i saying…

With her families permission i have been allowed to ask for all bikers, even if you dont want to go on the rideout after, and its not a big one…to come to Stanford le Hope Stratford Gardens SS17 7AU the families home address, for 11.00am on Sunday 11th Oct to meet up with others from Essex Bikers and ride on to Burnham on Crouch, and then Finchingfield…a place she wanted to get to with her bro…and help him to put to rest something he wanted to do for her?

Please let me know if you can make it, even to the family home if you dont want to go on the ride…so that we can take pics of all of us and our glorious bikes, if we get enough people we can inform the local rag to come and take pics for one of our own (biker)…to all you that have someone to remember as well, if u want to wear tshirts for them too, or for whatever reason…please…lets do this?

Please let me have your names down…and i will let you have the address. I hope you can make room in your hearts to do this for another one “gone too soon”

Heres Sheree again on her beloved bike

Blade - Can I say this has brought a tear to my eye, something which isn’t easily done!

This beautiful young lady should have been looking forward to a long and fullfilling life, but as the saying goes, “The good ones go early”. It is with great regret that I will be in the Reading area at a pre-paid event on the morning of the 11th, however if you think a small bunch of flowers or something suitable would be appreciated by the family then please pm me.

Ride like the wind Miss Paffey

Hey Blade,

Add me in.

Condolensces to your friend’s family.

If we can - hows about a collection in aid of the cancer trust?


Aww, thanks Rob…she was indeed one hell of a young woman, 29 yrs old and not a bad word to say about anyone…she didnt even swear!! and hated hearing anyone who did !! (had to watch what i said in front of her many a time ha ha)…she was so tiny and so beautiful, inside and out…truely cant say ive known many like her…and cant describe how gutted i am…and i know there are SO many of us that feel the same about people we have lost…thats why im hoping we can get a huge amount of bikers to just take this little runout to finchingfield…for a woman who wouldve been with us, had she had the chance…btw ive updated the first post to show post code for address of where we want to start from…i really dont mind if people want to meet up or go there themselves i SWEAR the family will welcome ALL …we are going to block off the road and all neighbours will be informed if they need to get out then they have to move their cars or they wont be able to do so till we all move out…and we aim to get the local rag involved to show we are not all biking hooligans or lesbians on bikes !!! ;)There is no need for flowers, and thankyou for offering…Sheree was cremated last Friday, her mum is off to the tattooist today to have her baby with her forever more…:crying:

Such a waste of a young life!!!

+1 to the cancer trust or a charity that was close to Miss Paffey’s heart. I’m really gutted that I’m busy that morning. If theres a memorial run next year I’m in!

I will be on holiday Blade not back till the 12th :frowning: :frowning:

sad news to hear far too young to be taken :crying:

Truly a sad read, and so young, life is not always fair.

Providing i get my bike back by then please count me in on the ride.

Hopefully there will be a few who can make this day…this is also on essex bikers, by sherees brother, and the list is growing…so come on peeps…u dont even have to go on the rideout just turn up at the family house for the pics…but if u do go we are going to BCR country !! who knows, we might bump into Sneaky and co !!

blade (02/10/2009)

Hopefully there will be a few who can make this day…this is also on essex bikers, by sherees brother, and the list is growing…so come on peeps…u dont even have to go on the rideout just turn up at the family house for the pics…but if u do go we are going to BCR country !! who knows, we WILL PROB OVERTAKE Sneaky and co !![/quote

thanks for the text see you next week.

Words can not express how saddened this news has made me feel.

Please pass on my regards to the family at this sad time.

I will try and make this, it is very close to my heart, this is my Daughters Birthday and my whole family have plans, but I am sure I can pop around to the house for a while,

‘Ride Sheree, ride like the wind, there are no speed limits in Heaven,
we on earth are sad at your passing, in Heaven they are proud to accept such a beautiful Angel,
Ride Sheree, ride for the stars, you will be forever in our memories’.

Blade, have texted you.

I just wanted to bump this up in case someone else wanted to make this day…we are not going to make a alldayer of it, its just to show support to another biking family…u dont even have to go on the ride which is only to finchingfield…which many of u know already…

If u want to just come to the house to show support then please do…BigSV, i will look forward to seeing u at the house, also BMan, thanks for taking time off from ur daughters party day…Afro, thanks mate, will see u there and also AndyP and Chris and AbbeyJ…

Just come into the road and park anywhere you can…we might open up the back drive way for us all, depends how many can make it…

No probs Dawn,Claire,Trisckie,Loopy,Wasp,RobC if you are not available its cool…

Sorry if ive left people out, cant remember all the texts ive had !! :slight_smile: thanks though and thanks for ur words too…i just love knowing all you guys !!! :w00t: (now that dont mean im going slushy ok?) :wink:

Blade showing a human like emotion :smiley: or do you really want to love the guys :wink: :hehe::slight_smile:

Hmm “sharpish tool in a bikers arsenal”…theres a joke in there somewhere !! :stuck_out_tongue: But please…not ARSE ANAL ?..im not and never will be a gooner !! :wink:

No worries, I’d be dead before I support Arsenal! I’m a Tottenham boy, and I’m guessing your a West Ham lady?

very sad news hun. I’ll be over the other side of the pond when this happens but I’ll be thinking of you. :kiss: