Shed envy

Got me garage sortid now, ready for the new arrivals on saturday, just gotta wire in 2 5ft strip lights as my Jedi powers are fading with age Excuse the Onda in the foto

I’m jealous

Goodluck to ya m8, looks ready for action

You made a nice job of that floor

Nice pssy rings on the Blde

Nice! I wish mine was as good as that - I went for the red floor too - but it’s full of Mrs Cashmore’s gardening junk at the moment - I’ve bought a shed for her but I’m yet to build it…

Shed… is under the blue tarp top left hand corner… oh and snow…

If that was mine fella i’d have a GARAGE SALE this weekend and out the lot

Tel… wot the feck is a p*ssy ring ??? do u mean chickin strips?? I know in the foto that they look like Sparts SQUARE tyres But trust me ive only got about 3mm chickin strips . BTW Spart will have his new part-worn raced tyres on this summer for the extra chip shop points

Im not house proud or making excuses but the floors minging from the snow, will avta get the old scrubber out to give it the once over for saturday

Cant beat a good shed/Garage/hanger


yours looks quite posh with it’s bin!


Yes and in the summer my bed will be in there

hmmm, anybody fancy painting my garage?? It would look great with white walls and a red floor Oh,and a light would be really handy too, I’m too scared to play with the electrics

Dont mind painting if your not too far, but im away this weekend

Better pic


22.6.06 My K5 008.jpg

Looks nice and camoflaged, stealth shed manoevers

But you aint showing what its like insides …piled high with B&Q gardening equipment no doubt

SW… My Mrs painted mine for me in a day, she luuurvs DIY

I hate DIY - it’s no good for the finger nails

get terry to do it shewolf .he well good at digging,

Oi Proffesor, she needs painting done, thought you was top of your class

I dream of a shed… in the meantime I have a Kitchen (and no it’s not feckin pink it’s the flourescent lights and dig camera combination )


We’ll call it crimson Salmon, It’s more manly

Fair play to you keeping it in the kitchen, take it your divorced like me

Jeez…sure looks pink to me, or shall we call it cerise

BTW…the last time i saw sumfin that pink in a house Noel Edmunds was beating it with a stick

I can see why you keep indoors, anyway I have sorted the colour balance out for you is this more like it?



hi guys this is my garage


A 002.jpg

A 005.jpg

A 006.jpg