Shed envy

very cool!

Inside the Stealth hanger !!


15.2.06 Stealth 004.jpg

Nice and neat Leggy Pete , love the indoor turf touch

Basejumper…thats a well sortid yard fella…respect

i need to get divorced…

lol cheeky swine

Its boring being single beleive me, and exspensive

So no one else has a bike lift, compressor, welding gear, air tools, Lathes and that sorta stuff?

ya peasants.

sickpup check out myn on thr tread “do we make our hobby in to an absession” in general welder in other garage compressor on order and snap on man bringing his lovely van around yippie dont tell the misses she will kill me boll##k to the jimmy choo shoes a mate


__A 001.jpg

__A 005.jpg

_A 004.jpg