shame: North London Motorcycles NOW RECTIFIED

First time ive been so disappointed with North London Motorcycles based in Edgware. I took my scooter in for its 12,000 service where it needed new belt,engine rollers and brake pads and oil topped up which they did. And i spoke to one of the mechanics asking whats the best way of getting abit more torque and not throwing cash at the bike he said remove the washer from the variator even though mine is a 125 4 stroke and not restricted i didnt think anything of it and when i collected the bike and rode home and when i cornered i would here a rattle from my engine case. Upon doing research with other scooter owners turned out they have removed a spacer from the variator and my engine doesnt have a restrictor on the variator so now i have to ride back to them monday carefully to get them to correct their mistake and hoping not to damage the internals of my engine. Not impressed at all you would think mechanics who work at a piaggio dealer would be clued about the engines they work with.

will update you all after monday once i know they have corrected their mistake.

That’s quite an elaborate story about a bike that doesn’t actually exist :stuck_out_tongue:

argh you know what i mean conrad lol scooter then god.

Hahaha you know I’m only winding you up Kish!

Let us know if they sort it out, cos it does sound like pretty shoddy work.

In future, I can recommend CBS in Whitton (West London) for all servicing needs etc

i know bud. yeah very disapointed as the variator is so loose now there is high risk of it damaging my crank and the inside part of my engine casing which is a costly job to repair.

Kishan - get them to pick it up if you think you might damage the engine by riding it back. If you do, you’d probably have a hell of a job trying to get them to repair it for free.

If you ride it knowing it’s likely to damage it further, you’ll be liable for the further damage yourself. Get recovered, don’t ride it there.

I can’t see why the mods have let him post this? we all know that scooter boys are not real bikers…Now run along to chelsea bridge with the rest of the lambretta massive :P:laugh:

^^^^^ oh shut up you snobby twat thankyoubye

tbh mate they have made a honest misstake.

quite alot of peds do have a restriction there and the 2 stroke typhs do.

the damage it gets from the wrong spacer being removed is only that the belt is offset slightly and wears out at a faster rate get them to check the belt and show you any fraying and ask for a new one.

i knew a lad who did this to his gillera runner and well the mean lot we are left him to it for a week and 2 belts later we told him runners do not have this restriction and its just a spacer and he put it back and problem sorted.

btw about more torque only thing you can really do is play with the rollers, there like sprokets on real bikes

the heavier you go the better top end you get and the lighter you go the faster bottom you get but if you gain top you lose bottom and gain bottom lose top. this might be the wrong way around not played with peds for a wile but that’s the principle

thanks ross :slight_smile:


There is one very simple way to get way more torque. Get a motorbike :stuck_out_tongue:


lol that is one way i guess, nah im planning on getting a maxi scooter.

jsut got back from garage they put the spacer back in variator bike feels better and no noise result and all sorted for free cheers Barry at North London motorcycles

Good news :slight_smile:

Snobby I am not I ride a real motorcycle. I thought it was only vespa riders that were snobby?

No - tell me it’s not true?!!! But, um, if it is, then I still have one to sell :smiley:

Less than 18mths old and only about 1,500 miles on the clock…

really because your post was snobby and you came across like your so much superior than anyone who doesnt have a motorcycle, your post was not helpful nor required regarding the topic of this post if you got nout helpful to say in my posts then dont waste your time and my time in your crap i dont need it thankyoupleaseokbyebye

haha i have seen some sporty looking ones by aprilla and gilera so may invest in one at some point as they are ideal for my commuting to and from work

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