shame: North London Motorcycles NOW RECTIFIED


+1 glad im not the only one who thinks that of them.

So you guys can’t take a joke? as you can see my original post had one of these :stuck_out_tongue: and these :laugh: you seem very angry people. I am pretty new here and it puts me off wanting to mix with people on here.

Did my post really warrant you ganging up on me being nasty. My post wasn’t nasty or offensive being called a TWAT really offends me actually.

Pack mentality, bro. Just closing ranks if one is threatened, but nothing to worry about. No one knows you so don’t know your humour. Don’t sweat it, and look out the window or something… :smiley:

it’s really easy to offend people with the written word - without the benefit of seeing your body language or hearing the tone of voice etc. Being insulting to people you don’t know is always a risky strategy. Usually best to get to know people first I think and then start ribbing them. Why not come along to a meet and get to know us?

to be fair, he’s not the one who f****** started offending :angry:

i am gonna offend anyone who rubs me up who doesn’t know me one single bit and then start making snobby comments about real motorcycles and whatever other snobby crap that was posted i am gonna get my back up and i am not gonna be so poliet. i aint got an issue with people having a banter with me but get to know me before you get too comfee with me and start making comments about how i should not be allowed to post because i dont have a real motorcycle and etc because 1. you aint the admin 2. you dont own this forum and 3. who the hell are you to tell me what i can and cant do jsut because i dont have a geared bike, aslong as i have 2 wheels what doe it matter whether im a scooter rider or a motorcycle rider all from the same team of bikers. And You dont walk down the road and randomly have a banter with someone who walked past you because if you did you would 1. get a cock punch 2. be insulted and 3. probably made to know your place , so dont do it to me on here simples unless you have got to know me well in person aswell as on here.

well out of order Kish.

you come to a bikers forum, fair enough. you dont have a bike. fair enough. someone new points it out (quite rightfully and with a bit of joke) and thats your reaction. you didnt need to call him that.

i’m really biting my tongue not to tell you to f**k off.

yeah and ive biten my tongue long enough. enough is enough. i wouldn’t have called him that if he thought about what he writes to someone and i wasnt the only one who called him one, i dont see no one telling that other member it was wrong to call someone a twat. if you have never spoken to me face to face nor spoken to me on the forum ever before then dont have banter with me because i dont know what your like and you dont know what im like simples, save it for when you actually know me and not just know my name.

And ive got backing from moderators regarding my conduct and they don’t have an issue so aslong as admins and moderators are happy my conduct was justifiable and was understandable for why i reacted like i did then i dont care what members think .

sorry who are you to tell somone to **** off ? you dont own the forum so your in no place to tell any member where to go. when your a admin then come see me and tell me where to go until then remember your jsut a member of this forum just like us all.

No-one forces you to participate in an internet forum. If it upsets you, do something else for a while.

I joined up here with a Scooter, and received the same kind of ribbing as you do. I upgraded to a larger scooter, and it continued. I moved on to a motorcycle, and it stopped. However the reason I chose to move on to a motorcycle had nothing to do with the teasing. It was my own choice, because I wanted to ride for my own enjoyment, rather than just have a mode of transport. The big difference between you and me is that when I was riding a scooter, I didn’t have a huge stick up my rear end about it like you appear to.

If you join a bikers forum with a scooter, you’ll get teased about it – it’s just teasing on the internet, chill out, live with the teasing. Or you could use the off switch. No-one forces you to participate in an internet forum.


I’m 50% enjoying this thread :hehe:

i understand where your coming from szymon but as there is a scooter and motorcycle section on LB thats why i joined and because its a local forum that appeared scooter friendly as i saw it covers scooters. BUt this post is not about what you ride and etc it is about how a garage messed up on my engine and then suddenly people decided they have the gods given right to slate peoples mode of transport jsut becausei t aint as fast or aint a geared motorcycle which really aint needed and people need to learn where the line is and not to continiously traget the same person to have so called banter with because there is only so much banter a person will take before he snaps. when this post has nout to do with my mode of transport more about the poor service i had on my engine.

Well, you were trying to “get more torque” out of a 125cc Scooter, which is what broke it in the first place :slight_smile:

lol that is true but they should have told me the right info as i was illinformed i listened to the wrong info thats why i told them to do it but as they are piaggio dealership i would have expected them to know a piaggio engine and how it actually works, but its all sorted now so its all good and all for free so problem solved.

i take the piss out all my pals on scooters normally calling them skirt wearing fairy’s XD

being on the internet your going to get banter from people you dont know all the time.

you should see the dt 125 forum Jesus the admins had to give us all warnings over and over for taking the piss out of each other in every thread.

just ignore it or give **** back XD

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