Shame: Hein Gerickes/AGV

So anyway about 2 months back i had some spare cash and for yrs have been buying cheap crash helmets just cos could not really afford anything else, anyway i decided to spend about 200 notes on a crahs helmet and went for the AGV S4 from Hein Gerickes, welling.

I was please with the crash helmet up till now i notice the neck band bit stitching has come undone and there is a hole that will only get worse so went back to hein gericke and the girl there was helpful etc but when it came to the bit where had to put in something from the receipt a problem, i didnt have the receipt, f*cked if i can find it, lol but the girl remembered me buying etc and the crash helmet is in as new condition but when she asked the manager bloke he said could do nothing without a receipt , he phoned some other bloke up but again no cant do anthing without a receipt.

So basically i have a 2 month old crash helmet that will be lucky to last another 2/3 months i reckon, i dont even use the bike a lot too lucky 2/3 times a week.

so as said, AGV quality is crap and hein gericke are useless when it comes to this lark.

not much i can do i suppose but at least a warning to others.

What branch was it mate? Name and Shame…

get the bank statement and show em that.l should work. they should still have cctv footage of u and the helmet. :slight_smile:

aaarrggggghhhh, thats all they said, am i the only 1 who pays for stuff with paper money these days! lol

A receipt to return faulty goods is not required, you only need some sort of proof that you purchased the goods from the store.

Go back to the manager and point out that the assistant remembered you buying the goods from the store and therefore they have proof that you purchased the goods from the store. Be useful to take someone with you as well.

If he insists point out that there is no legal requirement to issue a receipt, and correspondingly, there is no legal requirement to have a receipt to return faulty goods.

It could be tricky, so play nice, since you paid cash you will have to rely on the assistant remembering you buying the goods, and people can lie quite easily, so play nice and repeat what is said above.

Funnily enough was talking to Wasp about this earlier this evening, and it is quite shocking that you don’t need a receipt, but since there is no requirement to issue one, it would be a bit of a p*ss take to demand one.

Sorry mate. Eyes going blurry with this sambuca I am banging away…

Hein Gerrick Welling are always in the shame section mate…Bad service down there all the time…

Ring up there head office …


You could try going direct to AGV, I’ve sometimes found manufacturers more helpful in similar situations.

Or hang around the shop waiting for someone to buy the same helmet and mug them for the receipt :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, if you could find someone who’d bought the same lid or even spent the same amount at around the right time, you could borrow a receipt/card statement.

still waiting for reply from agv, found out that dainese own agv.

thought about the some1 else who bought 1 and may have aluck there but bought from somewhere else.


go back to the shop, ask if they keep there reciepts, how long ago did you buy it? can you remember the date roughly?

if you can and they have kept the reciepts you should be able to get it sorted under warranty.

if you want PM me some details and i will see what i can do for you.

can i just add HG arent all crap :slight_smile: and AGV are very good, i’ve always worn them, and never had a problem, i wear nothing but rossi rep K3’s, i dont like the S4 or the stealth SV S4…

2 months ago it was bought m8, cos i got soem cash on the 30 may and bought it a week after that, the girl in there who served me she was sweet and started to writhe out the thing to send said helmet back but when it come to the receipt etc she asked manager and he said cant do anytthing wioth out a rteceipt, he got on the pohone and whoever he spoke to said same.

no1 said anything about finding there receipts etc and the girl remembered me buying it, i do stick out a bit, lol.

Even if they dont keep the receipts it should all by in their system. I had some issues with my stuff and I just had to tell them when I made the purchase (i said end of november or something) and they looked it up. 200 quid is not a small purchase so it shouldnt be too hard to find either. I think they can even re-print the receipt for you!

Its seriously not hard to keep hold of a receipt. Every company has a different way of keeping records and some don’t keep them at all.
The way I see it is if you cant be bothered to keep a small thing like a receipt then why should the company?
And I have delt with the UK AGV supplier who now ask for a copy of EVERYONE’S receipt who want to make a warranty claim.

if u go to direct gov u will find the law states u need to provide proof of purchase ! with no proof of purchase anyone anywere could buy from ebay and the likes ,now for us to send items to agv and the likes we need to have proof of purchase or the supliers will not accept them ,when items are purchased staff tell people to keep hold onto their recept for if a problem would arise , we cant goto a suplier to sort an issue with no prof of purchase ! and the phone call was to our head office to see if we could get around the issue but they said no due to no proof of purchase ,as for moto king sorry u dont like the service in store you are one of a few people ,most people pop in have a coffee n chat and are perfectly happy with the service .

As I said though, proof of purchase is not necessitated by a receipt. Though I can understand it makes life easier if you have one.

The fact that a member of your staff remembered the person buying the item from your store is proof of purchase, from there, as others have said, you could have located the purchase within your own system to verify no fraud by your own staff.

The problems you have with AGV don’t absolve you of your duty to your customer. You are statutorily bound not to sell items that are not of a satisfactory quality. If AGV will not deal with the helmet, because of some internal deal you have with them, then you should either refund the customer or replace the item, at the customer’s discretion.

I bought leathers from HG this week in Hanger lane and was very happy with the service given… and they told me to hold on to the receipt :stuck_out_tongue:

yes as said the girl there dealing with me remembered me buying it, and the other bloke who came in on the ktm dealt with me also.

sorry if i repeat anything previously posted.
i had a similar argument with a complete ****** in a london bike shop. (****** has gone now and new owner tip top so will remain un named) he gave it all the bollocks about reciepts etc.

i hit him with

The Sale of Goods Act makes reference to ‘the seller’, this is the shop, the retailer, or the individual you bought it from, and is who you made the contract with. It is not the manufacturer, and don’t let the shop tell you otherwise! If there is an obvious fault with the item at any time within the first 6 months and it has not been caused by wear and tear or misuse, your first port of call must be the shop you bought it from. They have the responsibility to put the matter right, and should not evade this responsibility by referring you to the manufacturer in the context of a guarantee or warranty. Even after this 6 month period, if the item breaks down prematurely , you should always go back to the shop or retailer in the first instance.

Your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act take precedence over and above any warranty or guarantee you may have with either the retailer or manufacturer. It is misleading for a shop to tell you they can do nothing simply because their warranty or guarantee has run out, because you will still have your statutory rights." lifted from here sale of good act

which do some good info here which info

so basically this tosser is spinning a line. he has to by law accept the goods are faulty or prove himself that the damage was caused by you, he doesn’t need ot see a reciept. his member oif staff corroborates you being there. a bank/credit card would be advantageous.

good luck.

I have been a satisfied customer of both AGV and Hein Gericke in the past, but have found that once you want to return something faulty to HG they do get a bit picky, even with a receipt. Their customer service is variable in different branches too.

This is shame CR, hope you get it sorted out.

Doubt it m8, have sent message to <a id=ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl14_hypUsername onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“”>23virus23 above and had no reply but the reply he put above, mailed agv had no reply there too.

have been a bit busy this week with other stuff thus the e-mails/messages but just seems to show attitude got yer money now so we dont give a **** about service or quality of crashe helmets by both parties.

doubt i will buy AGV again which is a shame cos i liked the fit and the helmet itself and certainly wont bother with Hein Gericke especially Welling branch!