Serious accident at the Ace last night

Usual boys doing usual things… right?

Some guy was leaving last night and left the carpark from the roundabout side and shot off past the Ace quite quickly. By the time he got past the Ace he breaked heavily and did what looked like a side swipe onto a vehicle.

(I was standing on the footpath-bridge and there were hundreds of people in the street so had a limited view) I saw the rider flung in the air to one side and the bike shot off and hit a few things before resting in a pool of oil down the road at the traffick lights)

Everybody crowded around the guy and completely blocked off the road and stopped traffic which made a head ache for the rescue to get there.

They eventually had him off in the ambulance and cleared the bike off the road. Some one said that he had trouble breathing but I didn’t hand around to add to the congestion.

I certainly hope he isn’t seriously injured and makes a full recovery. If everyone could say a little prayer tonight for the downed brother and just take care on the road. We all ride bikes to enjoy them, but there is a time and place for it. Ride them hard and fast but in a location that won’t endanger you or others unneccessarily.

I hope to see the rider make a full recovery and get him back on the road soon.

Look after yourselves everyone - you’re more special than you think, cause we love ya.


Its people acting like fools that give bikers a bad name and put places like the Ace in danger…

A Bike will kill if you don’t act responsible. Hope he get’s better soon.

Lesson learnt the hard way…it’s happened before, some of us are sensible enough to observe and make better judgements, others perhaps just don’t…wouldn’t wish harm on anyone and hope he recovers, but lets hope the point is made.

Its people acting like fools that give bikers a bad name and put places like the Ace in danger…

+1 wish him well, there goes his no claims:crying:+ car claim:w00t: its not nice

what a wally…how embarrassing. its something i would do! :unsure:

Well from what we heard some [email protected] did a uturn and he went into the car?
Amazing to see how quick the ace car park emptied though…:w00t:

Until the full, TRUE, story comes out, its better not to cast opinions.

I hope he makes a full recovery as that is the most important thing at the minute.

I hate pulling out the carpark now from either end, you need fish eyes and and be able to see out your arse to check its all clear… and why is it as soon as anything happens everyone’s waving a mobile phone in the air trying to film it?

Yea. as I said previously. I didn’t have a clear view of the actual accident. However it goes to show you that it’s a case of when and not if. There are guys that stunt all night long with nothing happening and then someone does a little thing and gets totalled.

I’m always scared of leaving at the ace. even walking across the road is dangerouse.

does anybody know if the guy made it,

On Stacy’s FB it says it was a fatality :frowning:

Poor guy :ermm:

Mmmmm I think at one point that was the mumblings going round the Ace last night. No road markings from plod and the road was reopened. The bike was being pushed away by Carl from the Ace but I don’t think it was a fatal. I think it was all about making sure he was properly looked after by the medics and the fact he was falling in and out of consciousness. Hopefully he will be ok.

Dear God please don’t let it be a fatality:crying: It was bad but not THAT bad. I’m a new rider and regularly ride faster than that. I think I/we need a reality check sometimes but not at this cost. Until I read it in the papers I’ll believe that he will pull through and be ok in due time. Fingers crossed for the rider and his/her family.

I’m almost certain the road would be closed if it was a fatality…

I’ve been round bikes years but there’s something about the ace on a Friday makes me nervous…

If it was fatal or potential fatal the road would have been closed immediately for the investigation,they would have gone on the opinion of the LAS crew dealing.

From a friend of the biker…

“For the record he was not stunting…as the rumors have suggested. He was riding home at the time, the other biker was parked on the left and decided to pull out to do a U turn, and then they collided. He broke one of his fingers and shattered his color bone… but he’s OK.”

thats good news then ha

Despite evidence to the contrary, this is not the case, Jaime.

Riding is a craft that you must learn. Some people don’t bother to learn, they just bodge it through; they are the ones who are most at risk of causing a collision.

You can avoid the when and the if. Learn from serious bikers and recognise the bodgers. Learn your craft and, hopefully, it will become your art.