See if you can guess what I did (prizes to be won)


so last night I go and pick up my 1st big bike the guy tells me I’m on the reserve tank but I knew the petrol station was just down the road…

So I go fill up turn the switch off of the reserve tank, leave the petrol station 50ft down the road the bike dies on me, there’s me thinking I have juts bought a ringer…

Managed to get it up and runing again though.

So can anyone guess what I had done?

PRIZE = a cup of tea at the next borough meet I attend (which will defo not be this week)

Left the fuel cap open ?


Turned the switch to OFF perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

Come out, got on the wrong bike and he hadn’t filled up yet?:smiley:

And we have a winner!!! I had switched the fuel supply off completely

How much of a prat did I feel when I realised what I had done…

:slight_smile: not as bad as me leaving the bike keys on the counter at the service station! :smiley:

You had the killswitch OFF?

That was my first thought, but for some reason thought there wasn’t an off position (only prime, reserve and on) :doze:

I left my keys on a suzuki shop counter this lunchtime

I wasnt the first to do it and you wont be the last :wink:

You walked off, helmet in hand and got on a bus forgetting you was on your bike?:smiley:

I actually did that with my car once, forgot I had driven to work went all the way to the bus stop started waiting for the bus when it dawned on me that I had driven in (boy was I glad the bus was late)

Doesn’t beat what I done when I 1st got my bike, petrol station filling up, moved bike forward a bit after filling up, assumed it was still on the side stand, it wasn’t, dropped it on myself which was embarrassing enough but that’s not the worse bit, when I got out after paying the bike wouldn’t start, I’d been having a few problems with my battery so I assumed it was flat again, there was a recovery van there so I asked if he could help get my bike started, he tried a few times…nothing…yep you’ve all guessed it, when I dropped it I must have knocked the kill switch, the recovery guy put it down to the fact that I am blonde :stuck_out_tongue:


yer ok I think I will let you have that one…

So do I get a cuppa as well for my complete stupidity? :w00t:

nah just a laugh from me when i see you next :laugh:

if you want ill buy you a cuppa on friday as your problably come out with the excuse that your blond again so i forget to bring any money :laugh:

I thought you put some diesel instead of unleaded :smiley:

Haha, very funny :stuck_out_tongue: